Study says Companies Save 25% IT Costs Using Salesforce! Are you there?


It is a known fact that with Salesforce solution, organisations can significantly increase productivity, improve efficiency, and deliver exceptional customer service yet are able to reduce overall cost. A recent study just reiterated the same.

A recent survey conducted over 3500 customers across industries and regions are seeing, on average, an estimated 25% savings on IT costs and a 26% increase in employee productivity using Salesforce.

The study cited examples of some of the large companies including ADT, Elekta, SmartRent and Schneider Electric who have saved costs around $2.7 million and achieve productivity increase up to 40%.


According to a recent survey of over 3,500 customers, organizations using Salesforce estimate significant cost saving, efficiency and productivity benefits

But why it has become imperative for companies to go for a cloud based CRM solution like Salesforce?

The post-pandemic era witnessed a paradigm shift by companies of all sizes towards digital transformation which has become critical for navigating the growing economic turbulence we are experiencing today.

However, achieving a resilient business that can sustain uncertain future and drive success, is not a walk in the park. Companies must consolidate and reduce complexity and automate workflows across their technology stack.

That’s where Salesforce comes as a savior for businesses. With Salesforce Customer 360, arguably the world’s #1 CRM, the entire organization can work on one trusted platform in real time — giving every employee a single shared view of the customer to drive higher levels of productivity and customer loyalty at a lower overall cost to serve.

With automation, intelligence, and real-time data built directly into best-in-class applications for sales, service, marketing, commerce, analytics, and IT teams, now every company can exceed customer expectations.

Powering small businesses, the world’s largest enterprises, and everything in between, Salesforce helps companies of all sizes across all industries rally every employee around a single view of every customer. With Salesforce, companies can increase productivity and automation and reduce the number of technology vendors they need to manage their business, saving time and money and reducing complexity.

What more?

Along with the study data, to make the Salesforce Customer 360 more accessible than ever, the company also released the Sales Productivity Bundle and Service Efficiency Bundle to help customers automate to lower costs, drive efficient growth, and consolidate their front office on a single trusted platform. The company will offer these two packages – Sales Productivity Bundle and Service Efficiency Bundle – at an introductory price till December 31 2022.

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