Dreamforce 2022: Red Hot Chilli Peppers Adds Zing to Day 2 Announcements



The day two of the Dreamforce 2022 turned out to be as eventful as the day one with loads of fun, new announcements and a pledge to make the mother a better place to live.

Though the day two had much to offer to the Salesforce ecosystem, to its trailblazer community, and to the technology world on a broader sense, it was the band at Red Hot Chilli Peppers that added the zing to the event.

TechForce Services is on the ground to bring you all the details. Here are the top developments on Dreamforce 2022 day two.

Marketing Cloud Unveils Real-Time Customer Data Platform Innovations

On the day two of Dreamforce 2022, Salesforce announced new innovations for Salesforce Marketing Cloud that deliver real-time personalized moments, automation across every channel, and intelligent marketing and enterprise analytics in one platform. These innovations are powered by Salesforce Genie, a new hyperscale real-time data platform that was launched on the opening day of the grand event.

Salesforce Genie turns data into customer magic, delivering seamless, highly personalized experiences across sales, service, marketing, and commerce that continuously adapt to changing customer information and needs in real time.

For marketers, making every moment count is more challenging than ever, with economic headwinds driving tighter margins and ad spend declining. And, with new data privacy changes and the fast-approaching cookieless future, brands must reimagine their data strategy now to deliver the real-time magical moments customers crave, while optimizing performance and spend to efficiently drive growth.

The new innovations will work atop Salesforce’s existing marketing cloud.

Salesforce Deepens Partnership with AWS for New “Bring Your Own AI” Innovations

Salesforce and AWS announced new integrations between the Salesforce Platform and Amazon SageMaker. The integrations will enable customers to use Amazon SageMaker, AWS’s machine learning (ML) modeling service, alongside Einstein, Salesforce’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology, to build new AI models tailored to the unique needs of their business — and use them in real time across the Customer 360.

With this, data scientists and developers will have seamless access to real-time, unified, and cleansed customer data – alongside other data from their AWS data lake or data warehouse – for building and training ML models in Amazon SageMaker using their framework or tools of choice. These custom-built models can be used across the Salesforce Platform to power predictions and insights for customers. This drastically shortens time-to-value for custom AI investments by simplifying the process of training and deploying ML models for production use. Salesforce Genie enables these integrations.

Salesforce Announces First-of-Its-Kind Carbon Credit Marketplace
Besides the above two innovations to its existing solutions, Salesforce also introduced Net Zero Marketplace, a cloud platform that makes carbon credit purchases simple and transparent, allowing organizations to accelerate climate positive impact at scale.

As per Salesforce, the global voluntary carbon market is estimated to grow to $50B by 2030 as many organizations race to achieve their net zero commitments. Yet, organizations may not always know how to build a carbon credit portfolio — or even where to start. What’s more, the path to purchasing carbon credits is complex, and buyers want to trust that the carbon credit projects have a positive impact.

Net Zero Marketplace, built on Salesforce’s Commerce Cloud, connects buyers and ecopreneurs — environmentally-focused entrepreneurs who lead and drive climate action worldwide — offering a catalog of third-party rated carbon credits and a seamless ecommerce experience for purchasing them. Net Zero Marketplace also features a climate action hub where anyone — businesses or individuals — can learn about climate issues.

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