Einstein GPT: The Future of AI-Powered Customer Relationship Management

Einstein GPT

As most of you already know, ChatGPT is the buzzword in AI chatbot systems. It uses computing predictions to answer questions and queries inputted by the user. You can ask it anything from the recipe for your favorite dish to the lyrics of any song, or even ask it to write code for you. Exciting, right?

In this blog, we will introduce you to Einstein GPT, a combination of proprietary Einstein AI models with ChatGPT or other leading large language models. We’ll explore how we can use it for sales, service, marketing, and even for developers.

First of all, GPT stands for Generative Pre-Trained Transformer, a generative AI framework that helps develop texts from datasets and provides outputs to users’ questions in a human-like form.

Einstein GPT is the world’s first generative AI CRM technology, which delivers AI-created content across sales, service, marketing, commerce, and IT interaction, at hyperscale. Although it is currently in a closed pilot stage, it will soon transition to the BETA.

Now let’s see how Einstein GPT can help sales reps to compose emails.

How Einstein GPT can help Sales?

Let’s say you’re an Account Executive (AE), and your manager has transferred the prospect account Outscape LTD to you, in order to find a new opportunity to do business with them. To start with, you can ask Einstein Assistant to give an overview of the account including the current news. As you can see from the below screenshot, it has provided the details instantly and you don’t need to google and find out the relevant information (Time saver#1)


Based on the screenshot below, it looks like they are expanding their operations to the US. You can click on the Learn More button to explore further to see the top contacts for the US expansion initiative, and it seems that Maya Williams, the VP of sales, is leading the initiative.


As you can see, Einstein has already identified that the corresponding contact record for you (Time saver#2) and conveniently gives you a button, Compose Email, to write an email instantly to Maya.

Clicking on it will draft a personalized and relevant email for you, which you can copy to the email composer (Time saver#3). Let’s see it in action in the screenshot below.


If you want the email to be less formal, you can ask Einstein to make it so, as shown below (Time saver#4):


We can also ask Einstein to create a private Slack channel to communicate with Maya in real time and as you observe, it has not only created the link but it has also put the same in the email as well (Time saver#5):


Once you’re happy with the email, click the Send button, and the email will be sent.

We have put Time saver# just for fun, but honestly speaking they are real time savers and you will appreciate when you start using Einstein GPT.

As we know, AE’s time is better spent interacting with customers than spending hours composing emails, scheduling meetings, or entering data into CRM. As you can see above, composing emails takes very little time, and this is how Einstein GPT can help Sales.

We can do much more with Einstein GPT to help Sales:

  • Ask Einstein about who your top contacts are
  • Add sign-up forms
    sign-up form
  • Find insights about the new account that is added to the system
  • Generate leads

List goes on and on

As I mentioned earlier, Einstein GPT can help Service, Marketing, and Developers too:

Einstein GPT for Service: Generate knowledge articles from past case notes. Auto-generate personalized agent chat replies to increase customer satisfaction through personalized and expedited service interactions.

Einstein GPT for Marketing: Dynamically generate personalized content to engage customers and prospects across email, mobile, web, and advertising.

Einstein GPT for Developers: Improve developer productivity by generating code and asking questions for languages like Apex.

Isn’t that cool? We are equally excited to see Einstein GPT in GA soon. If you’d like to learn more or need any more information on Einstein GPT, we are here to help.

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