Maximizing Efficiency in Salesforce Testing with Copado Robotic Testing


In today’s fast-paced world, where companies must continuously innovate to stay competitive, software testing is critical to ensure that applications meet users’ needs and function as expected. However, manual testing can be time-consuming and prone to errors. Fortunately, artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the testing process, bringing in more efficiency and accuracy through AI-driven test automation.

AI-driven test automation involves the use of machine learning algorithms to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks, learn from previous testing experiences, and make better testing decisions in real-time. This approach enables real-time monitoring of applications and early detection of any issues, reducing the overall time spent on testing.

Salesforce is no exception to the benefits of AI-driven test automation. As a critical part of the development process, testing Salesforce applications ensures that the application functions as expected and meets the needs of the users. Automating Salesforce testing eliminates manual errors, reduces testing time, and ensures consistent and accurate results.

Introducing Copado Robotic Testing

Copado Robotic Testing is a cloud-based robotic software testing solution that simplifies and streamlines the testing process. The Copado platform supports easy automation script creation for a variety of platforms and provides a solid architecture for writing maintainable tests. With Copado Robotic Testing, teams can revolutionize testing and effortlessly automate Salesforce testing.

Salesforce Testing Challenges

Testing Salesforce applications comes with its challenges. For example:

  • Salesforce teams use platforms such as Customer 360 and MuleSoft to integrate their cloud suites from Marketing Cloud to Commerce Cloud, making testing a challenge.
  • Using a low-code approach speeds up development, but frequent changes and updates from Salesforce managing the underlying infrastructure can result in unexpected surprises.
  • Testing each integration across platforms such as AppExchange, SAP, and ServiceNow is crucial when connecting to other apps and systems.
  • Apps within the Salesforce ecosystem, such as CPQ, nCino, and Veeva, that have heavy customizations need specialized skills to test their technical elements like shadow DOMs and IFrames accurately.
  • The Salesforce ecosystem prioritizes low-code development, allowing non-technical users to customize and configure the org, leading to a more complex testing process.
  • Scaling end-to-end testing across workflows that encompass Salesforce and other cloud applications can be challenging.

Testing elements in Salesforce can be complex, including fields, objects, shadow DOMs, and IFrames.

Advantages of Salesforce Automation

Automating Salesforce testing with Copado Robotic Testing brings several advantages:

  • Effortless Cloud-Based Solution: Say Goodbye to Hardware Hassles, Start Testing Instantly with Zero Configuration.
  • Harness the Power of Computer Vision for Maintenance-Free, Self-Healing AI-Powered Quality.
  • Comprehensive Cross-Platform Testing: Effortlessly Execute End-to-End Tests on Mobile and Desktop Browsers, Systems, and Applications.
  • Empower Teams with Continuous Feedback and Transparency: Integrate Testing into CI/CD Process for Unmatched Efficiency and Learning.
  • Accelerate Digital Transformation with a Unified Platform: Bridge the Gap Between Low-Code and Pro-Code Users, Standardize Process for Maximum Efficiency.
  • Copado Robotic Testing provides fast, comprehensive, and user-friendly solutions for today’s development teams to minimize risks in their pipelines and ensure a seamless customer experience, without the need for coding.
  • Copado provides testing that is 10 times faster, with 34 times greater coverage and requiring 90% less maintenance.

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