What is a Salesforce Consulting Partner and How it Helps in Your Business?



Implementing Salesforce in a business requires technical expertise and active participation to achieve the desired results. However, many CRM installation projects fail due to poor project management and unrealistic expectations.

To overcome these challenges, it is advisable to seek the guidance of a Salesforce consulting partner. These partners specialize in setting up and implementing Salesforce systems according to your business requirements. With their experience and knowledge, they can enhance the efficiency of your operations and suggest innovative tools to drive your growth.

Salesforce itself is a flexible and user-friendly platform. However, the challenge lies in effectively implementing it. This requires technical know-how and dedicated efforts to manage your business activities. By choosing a top Salesforce Consulting Partner, you can ensure a successful implementation and enjoy the associated benefits.

In this blog, we will provide insights into the importance of a Salesforce Consulting Partner for your business.

What is a Salesforce Consulting Partner?

A Salesforce consulting partner is a company authorized by Salesforce to offer custom solutions, project implementations, and integrations. These partners are skilled in driving innovation and assisting companies in forging new connections with their customers.

These organizations specialize in marketing their expertise in Salesforce to customers who require assistance with data migration, implementation, system integration, and custom application development. They showcase their proficiency by maintaining up-to-date Salesforce certifications and presenting portfolios of successful projects. Through their services, they help businesses enhance their operations and achieve growth, while providing a valuable and enriching experience.

What are the Levels that Salesforce Consulting Partners can Achieve?

Salesforce classifies consulting partners into four categories: Base, Ridge, Crest, and Summit. Partners are evaluated and can be moved to a different level based on their Trailblazer consulting partner score, which is assessed quarterly in alignment with Salesforce’s fiscal year.


The Trailblazer score measures a partner’s contribution to Salesforce’s key objectives: customer success, innovation, growth, and leads. This score has a maximum of 1000 points. The program comprises various components, each with a specified maximum number of points, and there are prerequisites for earning full points in each area.

Assessments take place within the first month following the conclusion of a Salesforce fiscal quarter, and any level reassignments become effective on the first day of the subsequent month. Salesforce notifies each partner of their new level on or before the level’s effective date. If partners do not meet the requirements, they may be taken out of the program and the partner community without receiving a refund. Members who are promoted to a higher level during a fiscal year retain that level for the remainder of the current year and the following year, after which a review is conducted.

How to Choose the Best Salesforce Consulting Partner for Your Business?

Salesforce consulting partners or Salesforce consulting company excel in implementing all aspects of Salesforce guidelines to solve customer problems and boost sales performance, thereby enhancing business productivity.

Let’s explore some benefits of partnering with Salesforce Consulting Partners for your business.

Seamless Execution and Implementation

Certified consultants possess the expertise to effortlessly organize and configure Salesforce. They understand what changes are necessary and how to optimize the system’s settings. They can assist in configuring details and security settings, ensuring easy CRM access. Implementation may seem simple, but it involves transferring to a new system with new designs and features. Skilled Salesforce Integration Partners simplify the process, resulting in improved customer experience, streamlined workflows, enhanced communication, increased productivity, reduced operational costs, and enhanced security.

Enhanced Business Value Creation

Collaborating with a Salesforce Consulting Partner enables you to effectively achieve your operational and organizational growth objectives. They have access to specific products for internal training, development of potential solutions, demos, and customer-specific ideas, making the development of commercial value easier.

Improved ROI and Productivity

Salesforce is a powerful CRM solution that can significantly increase overall productivity. Consultants help enhance customer relations and maintain comprehensive data records. With their expert knowledge, Salesforce Consulting Partners suggest ways to add features that improve your business’s ROI.

If you’re considering implementing Salesforce, it is crucial to find a Certified Salesforce Partner who can provide both technical and non-technical support to run an efficient CRM system and deliver better ROI for your business.

Exceptional Customer Satisfaction

A reliable consulting partner goes beyond resolving customer issues to ensure complete user satisfaction. They help your business create a customer service culture that is empathetic, progressive, solution-driven, responsive, and proactive. This enhances your brand recognition and improves customer service.

Time and Cost Savings

Working with a Salesforce Certified Partner provides your company with reliable solutions for all issues, saving time and increasing productivity. Certified partners efficiently manage the installation process, set up benchmarks to monitor CRM implementation progress, and close deals effectively. They offer access to the best features and provide customizable solutions at reasonable prices, saving your organization time and money.

Support in Decision-Making

As your business grows, you may face important decisions regarding your CRM system. Salesforce Certified Partners help you with business-specific strategies and designs to create an implementation approach that aligns with your organization’s operations and expansion plans. This enables better decision-making.

Partnering with a Salesforce Implementation Partner empowers your business with the necessary expertise to implement Salesforce effectively, resulting in improved productivity, customer satisfaction, cost savings, and informed decision-making.

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Salesforce is a powerful tool that can significantly enhance organizational effectiveness. If you are seeking top Salesforce consultants, an authorized Salesforce Consulting Partner, they can guide you in designing the optimal path for achieving organizational success, whether it involves modernizing an existing system or implementing a new one.

With over 300+ Salesforce certifications, TechForce Services provides comprehensive Salesforce consulting and advisory services aimed at fueling your business growth. Whether you require assistance in implementing a new custom solution or enhancing an existing implementation, we have the expertise to support you. Feel free to connect with us.

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