Evaluating Salesforce Einstein GPT with Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI

Salesforce Einstein GPT with Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI


Leading CRM competitors, Salesforce and Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 have joined forces with OpenAI to bring powerful artificial intelligence (AI) technology into their customer relationship management systems. Such measures will enhance their overall capabilities thereby promoting better customer data handling and analysis.

If you want to know how the world’s two biggest Customer Relationship Management companies leverage Salesforce and AI in their Customer Relationship Management strategies, then come on and read this brief overview of Salesforce Einstein GPT Vs Microsoft Copilot.

When did this partnership between Microsoft and OpenAI begin?

In reality, it was long before we started talking about it aloud that companies like Microsoft have been partnering with OpenAI for many years.

As a matter of fact, since 2019, Microsoft has been engaged with OpenAI in creating Azure AI – an Azure-fueled supercomputing platform aimed at developers and data scientists that offers a set of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) services, tools, and APIs. Developers can build up their own AI apps in the cloud by using these tools with the security guarantee that comes with the brand name ‘Microsoft Azure’. Furthermore, all generative language models by OpenAI are trained on Azure.

Latest: Bing AI And Edge

Until now, Microsoft had pumped $13 billion into OpenAI integrating its models into Office apps, Bing search engine, Edge, and Windows operating system. This indicates moving forward towards the third stage of Salesforce and AI development.

There have been significant innovations in two flagship products of Microsoft following Microsoft’s above-mentioned announcement i.e, Microsoft Bing AI Chat launched from the Edge browser.

Powered by the state-of-the-art Einstein GPT model, the new MSFT AI Bing can:

  1. Find results in a way that is close to what we say or think
  2. Respond to questions that follow
  3. Generate also references and then citations for searches to be more authentic than OpenAI ChatGPT without any references
  4. This helps users get highly interactive visualizations among other things.

Microsoft Copilot News

Since March 2023 when there was a brief reveal about this project as “Microsoft Dynamic 365 Copilot”, this new platform from Microsoft launched recently.

“What is Microsoft Copilot?” could be defined first. As per definition, MSFT Copilot refers to an AI assistant by Microsoft that provides automated features within Microsoft 365 apps such as Word, Excel, Outlook, Teams, and others. Microsoft Copilot streamlines management operations.

What Does Copilot Do in MS Suite

Microsoft Copilot is an AI-powered collaboration tool. Essentially, three key pillars form the foundation of MSFT Copilot: Microsoft 365 apps, large language models (LLMs), and Microsoft Graph.

Most user engagement happens through the MSFT 365 app suite. Here is how existing tools can be supercharged with help from Microsoft Copilot:

  1. Word – quickly generate ideas directly inside the document or rephrase what you already have there; chat for prompts to create content/visuals/tables.
  2. PowerPoint – automate slide generation by providing prompts in a presentation or Word file; these can also be useful as summaries/Q&A.
  3. Excel – works on data and derives data-driven insights; plus it makes suggestions for formulas and chart types even adding them straight to the sheet being worked upon.
  4. Outlook – simplifies doing things over emails; you may use it to add tone clarify your intent or refine your whole text more extensively. Besides this, you can fix reminders using Copilot too. Is it a long thread of information but significant? Summarize emails fast to keep up with conversations!
  5. Team: Integrate Microsoft Copilot into your workspace for chat aids, voice call aids, messaging assistance, and even whiteboard help. Add prompts to write messages by summarizing what has been said so far. Let on important calls use a copilot that analyzes the transcript of ongoing conversations to support finding solutions against complex issues. The productivity of this tool lies in AI-applied task allocation techniques like jotting down key points for future projects among other roles.
  6. OneNote: Your notes need organizing information. Copilot can get it done for you using natural language queries, outlining ideas, or creating a list of tasks.
Dynamics 365 AI and other MS products

Dynamics 365 AI and other MS products

Dynamics 365 AI is designed to troubleshoot problems across various channels within organizations. Many innovative technologies are included in Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI.

  1. Dynamics 365 Sales: Sales representatives often need Copilots to help them summarize leads’ updates and opportunities, compose email responses to customers as well as generate meeting summaries. It includes information from the salesperson’s CRM about products offered as well as pricing details.
  2. Dynamics 365 Customer Service: Contextual answers were provided by Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI for Customer Service through Chatbot conversation either through chat or mail system which could be accessed from desktops or mobile phones For example, ask agencies can be built using Copilot to pull out information from company web-sites or internal knowledge bases around the world.
  3. Dynamics 365 Customer Insights: On the other hand, in connection with Dynamics 365 Marketing, Copilot allows deep customer segmentation searches as well as view behavior and demographic data. Additionally, marketers can generate email campaigns based on key topics.
  4. Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management: Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI aims at detecting problems beyond such categories as weather, finances, or geography and then informs about any affected orders across materials, inventory, carriers, distribution networks, etc.

The main objective of Microsoft Copilot is to ensure user-friendliness by integrating AI capabilities into its product suite.

Salesforce and AI Announcement: Einstein GPT

Further investment has been made by Salesforce for a long period into its product range and strategy while it has integrated both artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology across its solution set. They started including AI Einstein as part of their sales & marketing cloud solution from 2016 onwards.

However, Salesforce has not collaborated with OpenAI until recently. After the announcement by Open AI Microsoft, on March 7th Salesforce announced that it had partnered with OpenAI to introduce the new Einstein GPT.

What is the Salesforce Einstein GPT?

Salesforce Einstein GPT is a new version of the Salesforce AI Einstein program, which was originally released in 2016. In the latest edition, OpenAI-powered Einstein GPT employs different public, private, and external AI models together with CRM data making it possible for users to ask natural-language questions inside Salesforce CRM.

What do public and private AI models mean?

  1. Private AI models: are those that have been built by Salesforce internally. Most of them have been created as components of previous versions of Einstein AI.
  2. Public AI models: refer to generative AI abilities provided by ChatGPT under the collaboration between Salesforce and OpenAI.
  3. External AI models: these can be added to Salesforce’s existing system while using both technologies simultaneously.

EinsteinGPT’s most significant improvement today is that it draws from data from both salesforce clouds as well as salesforce Data Cloud (Genie), thereby saving time on inputting data, and copying and pasting information.

Salesforce Einstein GPT for Different Business Divisions

  1. For Developers: Aiding developers’ productivity by predicting code snippets.
  2. For Service: Creating knowledge articles from past case notes and public information; automating customer support agent chat replies to tailor them to specific clients; making it possible for customers to get immediate feedback or assistance as well as reducing service time spent on personalization purposes.
  3. For Sales: Automating email drafting, meeting scheduling, and preparing a follow-up discussion next time.
  4. For Marketing: Producing personalized content for use in e-mail campaigns, mobile ads, and web pages on your site among others where people go online hence driving client interest rather than just researching you before they visit you.
  5. Slack: Insights is an add-on feature offered by EinstenGPT which includes Smart Summaries for sales opportunities/contacts within Slack and Background Research on the account.

Currently, Salesforce is internally testing EinsteinGPT as well as letting a few selected customers and salesforce partners in Australia take part in its pilot program. Nevertheless, there has been no official announcement from the company concerning when this feature will be released.

What is ChatGPT Slack? The Improved Salesforce AI Chatbot

ChatGPT app was launched on Slack by Salesforce and OpenAI in March 2023.ChatGPT Slack is part of the EinsteinGPT, an AI-powered solution.

According to Salesforce, merging Einstein GPT with Slack can accomplish three main things such as;

  1. Instant conversation summaries provision.
  2. Quick answers were supplied for questions.
  3. Assist in writing messages using AI-generated writing assistance that saves users time on composing replies, minutes of meetings, or status updates.

Working On ChatGPT Slack

  1. In the team meeting channel: Requesting ChatGPT Slack to identify top Opportunities will have the software consider CRM data as well as the most recent economic news streamed through salesforce’s Einstein GPT.
  2. In private channels: You can use Einstein GTP for Slack to provide faster and more detailed responses to customer inquiries than ever before.

Salesforce implementation partners say that no language models within ChatGPT would utilize any data it does not have permission for; whether opting out of data usage shall be possible remains unclear though.

This latest upgrade in Slack AI comes in response to Microsoft Teams’ OpenAI integration that benefits from the new Bing-powered Artificial Intelligence (AI). As of now, there are more than 10 million daily active users on Slack compared to at least 270 million daily active user bases of teams worldwide.

Salesforce Announces Einstein Copilot – An AI-Driven Assistant For Your Business

On February 27th, 2024 Salesforce launched its new conversational AI assistant called Einstein Copilot integrated into its CRM system and is available during public Beta testing mode. Needless to say, this Bot is designed to enhance the customer experience as sales representatives chat with their clients online through this platform.

What is the Salesforce Einstein Copilot?

Einstein Copilot changes how you communicate with your customers. It serves all your different applications across Salesforce with a special focus on CRM. More so, Einstein Copilot is seamlessly integrated into your existing customer data and workflow within Salesforce.

The Copilot was built on top of Einstein GPT and trained on the company’s dataset that contains text as well as code. The following are some examples of features in Einstein Copilot:

  1. Automated tasks: It can answer questions, and more than that, it can help to automate some processes. For example, a customer service agent could set up an automatic refund process using this feature.
  2. Customizable nature: Users may have it react differently to people depending upon whether they are employees or just customers via its ability to be adjusted from copilot studio.
  3. Prompt Builder: Companies can make and test their queries, which correspond to their brand and way of communicating, ensuring a coherent voice throughout interactions.
  4. Model Builder: Firms could customize their AI functionality by building any of several AI models including LLM belonging to Salesforce partners Australia or other providers.

Einstein Copilot transforms the way companies use AI to drive productivity and personalize their workflow.

Sales teams can make use of Einstein AI to quicken deal closures through it. With natural language prompts, they can paragraph records and generate personalized communications. This leads to more customized client engagement which brings an increase in sales.

With Einstein AI from Salesforce financial services businesses can facilitate customer onboarding and create personalized financial plans. Advisors can spend more time building relationships with clients and giving sound advice instead of doing manual data entry by automating data collection and analysis.

Potential business benefits

Instead of thinking about the capabilities of ChatGPT, think about what generative AI solution would work for your company best. Customers should be asking their providers how LLMs among other generative AI tools are integrated into processes that improve customer experience, streamline operations, and enhance efficiency.

Two major cloud computing companies that have built their versions of generative AI based on OpenAI’s library are Salesforce and Microsoft, expect to hear about them.

How Microsoft Dynamics 365 Can Help Sales, Marketing, And Customer Service Through The Use Of AI

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a software suite that includes both ERP and CRM software that has several products supporting customer insights, sales, etc.

Within Dynamics 365 Marketing and Dynamics 365 Customer Insights marketers can take advantage of “copilots” based on artificial intelligence (AI) that understand natural language questions allowing them to explore, analyze, or comprehend the size or preferences of customers in segment levels.

Customer segmentation

Copilot offers a marketer an opportunity to identify customers who live in a particular city; have a high customer lifetime value; and purchase within the last three months. In just a few clicks Copilot will generate such results along with other useful information such as average age, product preference, or average price per transaction for each customer. These insights could be used then for creating a targeted segment to support campaigns as they are almost real-time. And with Copilot CRM, marketers can gain a better understanding of their customers in near-real time.


The tool can also offer personalized content suggestions for customer-generated emails such as pricing, promotions, deadlines, and others according to the recipients’ requirements.

Email features

There are new functionalities that include the general availability of email replies and integrations for customizable emails. For example, it is possible to generate an email that suggests a meeting time based on the seller’s calendar availability in Outlook. In addition to this, there is a feedback mechanism that allows sellers to provide thumbs up or down for AI-generated content thus helping improve future responses.

Automated workflow

These will include AI-generated meetings and call summaries including key topics discussed during meetings. Based on CRM and meeting data it drafts a summary of the discussion with actionable items and follow-up dates.

Centralized integrations

Another way one can purchase Copilot is as part of Viva Sales, along with other CRM systems like Salesforce

Issue resolution

On top of that, Copilot can help diagnose more complex customer issues, find resolutions, or draft responses across different channels to enable employees to complete them more quickly from any device available on their phone or computer screen.

Applying AI to Salesforce’s sales, marketing, and customer service

Einstein GPT can do virtually the same as Microsoft Copilot. It is designed to help employees perform various tasks like making individualized emails for sellers or giving customer care agents specific answers that could enable them to respond faster.

Salesforce wants to use OpenAI models instead of Microsoft Dynamics to enhance other products including MuleSoft, Slack, and Tableau. This way they will understand how people use these products to make their responses more appropriate.

Nevertheless, the versatility of Einstein GPT and the integration of generative AI solutions into different Salesforce applications should be considered in detail

Effective communication

For instance using Einstein GPT, an account executive can quickly ask for a summary of a new client’s business and even request the AI generate an introduction email containing recent news plus suggesting availability for meeting with them. The whole process would take only a few minutes from review up to possible revision. On a similar note, an account executive can also employ Einstein GPT to generate private slack channels between themselves and potential customers.

Instant support

In case a client asks about any product detailing on chat, Einstein GPT can instantly provide an answer with an information source. An agent may decide to adjust or even seek a modified version of what was given out prior. Also based on their judgment about the next best action provided by Einstein.

Streamlined marketing tasks

A marketing manager could utilize Einstein ChatGPT to create landing pages for upcoming events within just several minutes. The AI suggests the proper length of text, adds relevant pictures, and creates registration forms.

Salesforce Einstein Copilot vs Microsoft Copilot

Salesforce Einstein Copilot vs Microsoft Copilot

Comparing two dominant out-of-the-box applications; Einstein Copilot vs Microsoft Copilot is important for businesses operating in the CRM domain area.

Einstein Copilot, for example, automates some processes such as summary records, and allows personalized options for the clients. Data is stored on Salesforce and is protected by the Einstein Trust Layer.

Dynamics 365 Copilot has a wide array of built-in features in sales, management, and marketing. Customers can use deep data to enhance their customer service by employing public and internal data for marketing campaigns.

What’s best for your CRM: Microsoft Dynamics vs Salesforce AI Copilot? The choice is based on: data security, customization based on the need, and automating the task. Although the former two are prioritized in Salesforce Einstein Copilot, Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides more capabilities.

What’s after this?

Microsoft and Salesforce are proving that Generative AI can boost business outcome measurement in CRM, Contact Center, and Collaboration. However, they will not be alone in providing tools that are easy to use to enhance customer experience, make employees more productive, and improve business processes.

Services like summarization would be realized at a very fast pace, while the detection of areas where the human mind is still necessary for tuning prompts better output will be quick as well.

Instead of considering how they should incorporate ChatGPT into what they are doing, businesses need to ask their solution providers about ongoing initiatives toward embedding generative AI in their solutions too.


While there’s plenty of information on what’s happening within Microsoft and Salesforce ecosystems available online, hands-on experience or consulting with an experienced professional is invaluable when it comes to navigating these platforms’ intricacies.

As a veteran industry specialist in CRM, TechForce is uniquely positioned to guide companies between Dynamics vs Salesforce solutions through their decision-making process.

This is what our CRM advisors will do:

  1. Study your niche specifics properly to understand any weaknesses that may be resolved through new technologies.
  2. Help bring together sales procedures and customer details under either Salesforce or Dynamics 365.
  3. Align data exchange between integrated systems with Salesforce,
  4. They will assist with dataset deduplication and enrichment

If you have already been using Salesforce or Dynamics for some time, our experts will perform a comprehensive feature gap analysis or optimize many flows that are more than needed.

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