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Exciting new features and updates are now available with the Salesforce Summer release! Experience the latest enhancements that come with this update.

Salesforce has just revealed the dates for its Summer ’23 Release, and it’s expected to introduce some exciting new features and improvements to the platform. In this article, we’ll explore what you can expect from this release and provide you with the key dates to keep in mind. So, without further ado, here they are:

Salesforce Summer ’23 Release Date

Mark your calendars! The Summer ’23 Release for Salesforce will soon be here, and it’s essential to know when your production environment will be upgraded. However, it’s just as important to be aware of when your sandbox will receive the update, as this is where you’ll conduct tests to ensure the new release won’t interfere with your existing implementation. The timing of the Summer ’23 Release will vary depending on your Salesforce instance, with the main release weekends occurring on:

  • May 6, 2023
  • June 3, 2023
  • June 10, 2023

It’s important to keep in mind that the exact dates may vary based on your location and Salesforce instance.

To find out when your organization will be upgraded to the Salesforce Summer ’23 Release, you can visit Salesforce Trust, click on your instance name, and select “Maintenance.” This will display the date for when the release will be implemented in your org. If you’re unsure about which instance you’re on, simply navigate to “company information” within “Setup” in your Salesforce account.

Summer ’23 Sandbox Preview Information

It’s also important to note when your sandbox will be upgraded, as this is where you’ll be able to test the new release before it’s implemented. Salesforce has two release windows for sandboxes, with most sandboxes being upgraded on May 5th and 6th, 2023.

Summer ’23 Pre-Release Org

For those who want to preview the new features before the official release, you can sign up for a Summer ’23 Pre-Release Org. If you already have a preview org, it has been upgraded with the latest release.

Summer ’23 Release Notes

The most highly anticipated date for the Salesforce release cycle is the official “Salesforce Release Notes.” This is where you’ll get a sneak peek at the new features and upgrades that will be applied across the Salesforce suite of products.

What Summer ‘23 Release will offer

The Summer 23 Release for Salesforce is coming soon and if you want to know what’s new, here are some highlights:

      • A new update removes the need for users to have explicit access to Apex classes invoked by flows.
      • Another update will allow for more control over user access to Flow Orchestration objects.
      • There will be an update to help prevent the browser from loading scripts disguised as other file types.
      • Guest users will no longer be able to edit, reassign, or delete approval requests.
      • Some older versions of the Salesforce Platform API will be retired and are no longer supported.
      • You can now configure a default No-Reply address for Case Email Notifications.

For more details on all the new features and improvements, and how to prepare for the upgrade, you can check out here.

New Flow Features of Summer ’23 Release

The upcoming Summer ’23 release for Salesforce is almost here and it’s bringing exciting new features for Salesforce Flow. This release is consistent with previous ones in terms of bringing many thrilling new capabilities to the platform. Here are some of the most important highlights of the release.

1. Choice Lookup Component is Generally Available

Salesforce has made the Choice Lookup component generally available in the Summer ’23 release. This component, which was introduced as a beta feature in the Spring ’23 release, lets users display their choices in a lookup format.

2. Add a Search Bar to Data Table

Users can now add a search bar to the Data Table component in the Summer ’23 release. By marking the “Show search bar” option, users can search for specific records in the table. The data table now also shows up to 1500 rows, which is an improvement from the previous limit of 200.

3. HTTP Callout Supports POST Method

In the Summer ’23 release, the HTTP Callout feature became generally available and supports the POST method, in addition to the GET method. To use the POST method, users must provide both a sample request and a sample response.

4. Reactive Screen Components Support Formulas

The reactive screen components beta program, introduced in the Spring ’23 release, now supports formulas in the Summer ’23 release. Users can configure screen components to react to a user’s actions on the same screen, and the formula field type is now supported.

5. Changes on the User Interface

The user interface of the flow builder has undergone some changes in the Summer ’23 release. The element colors now have higher contrast and the auto layout has been updated to make it easier to add new elements.

6. Send Email Core Action is Improved

The send email core action now has more options in the Summer ’23 release, including the ability to use email templates and log emails on specified records’ activity timelines. However, the recipient limit remains at 5.

7. Migrate to Flow Tool Supports Scheduled Actions of Process Builder

The Migrate to Flow tool now supports migrating Scheduled Actions inside of Process Builder to Scheduled Paths inside of Flow in the Summer ’23 release. However, the migration is limited to one row of criteria, and multiple rows selected will only migrate the immediate paths.

8. Process Builder Creation Disabled

Starting with the Summer ’23 release, users cannot create new Process Builders anymore. However, existing processes can still be managed by admins, including editing, activating, deactivating, and creating new versions.

Read it for more detail.

Wrap Up

The upcoming Summer ’23 Release for Salesforce is expected to bring many exciting new features and improvements. Keep up with the latest information and updates by following us. We will provide more detailed information soon about the release. In the meantime, stay connected with us and take advantage of our award-winning Salesforce Consulting Services.

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