Top 10 Highlights from Salesforce Winter’21 Release Notes

Top 10 Highlights from Salesforce Winter’21 Release Notes
Salesforce Winter ’21 release is here, We have put together top 10 highlighted features for Admins and Developers with descriptions of enhancements and new features.

Salesforce Admin

Place Flow Elements Automatically with Auto-Layout:

The auto-layout feature makes building flows and aligning elements easier. When auto-layout is enabled on a flow, elements in the canvas are spaced and connected automatically. No more elements positioned slightly out of alignment.

Auto Add Fields to Custom Report Types (Beta):

Add new custom fields to your reports, especially when you have many custom report types. Now with Auto Add, custom fields that you add to a Salesforce object are added automatically to all the custom report types based on that object.
Top 10 Highlights from Salesforce Winter’21 Release Notes

Use AND, OR, and Custom Operators Across All Flow Builder Elements:

As part of winter21, we have now options to use AND, OR conditions logic’s and custom operators in all elements. Specify that you want the condition logic to meet ANY conditions or that you want it to meet ALL conditions

Debug Flow Errors in Sandbox Org as Another User:

Debugging a flow in a sandbox org is now easier than ever with the ability to debug a flow as another user. When you debug a flow as another user, you can catch flow exceptions such as unexpected permission, sharing, and profile configurations before they occur in production org.

Salesforce Development

Send Custom Notifications from Apex:

Use the Messaging.CustomNotification class to create, configure, and send custom notifications directly from Apex code, such as a trigger.

Build Fast, Efficient Experiences with the LWC-Based Template (Pilot):

Develop communities that load quickly and scale well using the Build Your Own (LWC) template. Based on Lightning Web Components (LWC), a programming model that delivers exceptional performance, this lightweight template supports fully custom solutions. The template, now available as a pilot, includes some changes since the previous release.
Top 10 Highlights from Salesforce Winter’21 Release Notes

Lightning Console JavaScript API:

The Lightning Console JavaScript API can customize a Lightning console app and utility bar pro grammatically.

Use the Safe Navigation Operator to Avoid Null Pointer Exceptions:

Safe Navigation Operator (?.) This new operator short-circuits expressions that attempt to operate on a null value and returns null instead of throwing a NullPointerException. Use this operator to avoid explicit, sequential null checks.

Top 10 Highlights from Salesforce Winter’21 Release Notes

Interactively Create Engaging Email Templates:

Create email templates faster and more easily with visual tools in Email Template Builder. Instead of adding HTML code, your users can drag elements to create effective email templates. They can compose email templates with a few clicks to place design elements right where they want them.
Top 10 Highlights from Salesforce Winter’21 Release Notes

Scan a Barcode in a Lightning Web Component (Beta):

Use the Barcode Scanner API to add barcode scanning to your Lightning web components. Scan UPC, QR, and other standard barcode types from Lightning components running on a mobile device.

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Winter’21 API Version: 50.0

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Thanks for reading, reach out if you need any help with the new Salesforce Winter’21 release. We’d be happy to discuss how we can help you maximize the value of Salesforce.

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