New in Trailhead – November18


This November, explore new trails and modules which suit your business and professional needs with the November’18 Trailhead Content Release (Neapolitan).

There is everything for everyone.

5 Trails| 17 Modules | 11000+ Points | 25+ Hours

Admins| Developers| Business Users

We have put all the information in one place for you. Go ahead and trail your blaze!

ModuleJourney Builder BasicsGet started with the Journey Builder app.20 mins200Admin
ModuleAdvanced Territory ManagementLearn advanced skills for managing territories, including performance considerations.25 mins200Admin
ModuleCommunities in Financial Services CloudUnderstand what communities are, enable them in your org, and create your first community.40 mins200Admin
TrailBuild Your Marketing Cloud Consulting PracticeBuild a successful consulting practice with Marketing Cloud implementation projects.1 hr 25 mins700Business User
TrailAutomate Marketing to Businesses with Pardot Lightning AppLearn how to make the most of your business-to-business (B2B) marketing efforts with Pardot.3 hrs 55 mins1100Business User
TrailIncrease Engagement and Nurture Leads with Pardot Lightning AppDeliver the right message at the right time and build strong customer relationships with Pardot Lightning App.6 hrs 45 mins1800Business User
ModuleSalesforce ArchitectsLearn how Salesforce Architects can help you implement new technology at your company.20 mins200Business User
ModuleAdvertising Studio Implementation BasicsLearn how to implement multichannel ad campaigns using Advertising Studio.55 mins500Business User
ModuleVetforceDiscover Vetforce and get started on the path to career and community.40 mins400Business User
ModuleHigh Velocity SalesBoost inside sales productivity and manage for success with High Velocity Sales.30 mins300Business User
ModulePardot Lightning App BasicsLearn what Pardot is and how it can help you market to other businesses.50 mins300Business User
ModulePardot Lead Generation for Pardot Lightning AppUse campaigns, forms, and landing pages to turn visitors into leads.1 hr 20 mins400Business User
ModulePardot Scoring and Grading for Pardot Lightning AppUse scoring and grading to identify the best leads for your sales team.1 hr 45 mins400Business User
ModulePardot Email Marketing for Pardot Lightning AppCreate and send emails to support your marketing automation strategy.2 hrs 10 mins500Business User
ModulePardot Lead Nurturing for Pardot Lightning AppLearn about lead nurturing and build a content strategy for engagement programs.50 mins300Business User
ModulePardot Process Automation for Salesforce ClassicManage actions and tasks in Pardot using automation tools.1 hr 35 mins600Business User
TrailManage Your Salesforce Data and External DataIntegrate your Salesforce data with external data stores and manage records in Salesforce.1 hr 15 mins850Developer
TrailLearn to Work with JavaScriptUnderstand modern JavaScript development and how it fits in the Lightning Component framework.2 hrs 30 mins1300Developer
ModuleContent Builder Block SDKUse the Content Builder Block SDK to build a custom content block widget.30 mins200Developer
ModuleChange Data Capture BasicsSynchronize external data stores by streaming change events.35 mins300Developer
ModuleModern JavaScript DevelopmentLearn about JavaScript ES6 features and what you can do with them.1 hr 15 mins700Developer

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