Global Governance, Risk & Compliance Management

Securing Success through Governance, Managing Risk, and Ensuring Compliance

Transform your operations with our advanced GRC solutions. Achieve success, manage risks, and ensure regulatory compliance effortlessly. Our user-friendly platform empowers proactive risk management and boosts performance for sustainable growth.

Revolutionize Your GRC Strategy
with a Comprehensive Management Solution

Pioneer the digital transformation by seamlessly digitizing and automating your Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) procedures, controls, and tasks through an integrated platform. Foster collaborative workflows, selectively share information, and elevate the efficiency of your business processes with GRC software for Salesforce to achieve new heights.

Regulatory Tracking

Navigate evolving regulations effortlessly with precision.


Risk Assessment

Identify, evaluate, and manage uncertainties confidently.

User friendly Interface

Simplify navigation for enhanced user engagement.

Policy Management

Empower policies with consistency and accessibility.

Control Management

Command your governance with advanced solutions.

Report & Analytics

Transform data into actionable compliance insights.


Foster a culture of proactive compliance.

Customised Service

Tailor solutions to address unique challenges.

Benefits of
TechForce Services GRC Tool

Holistic Compliance Oversight

Integrated GRC Management Software

Streamlined Internal Compliance Tracking

Automated Alerts and Triggers

Comprehensive Dashboards & Reports

Centralized Document Repository

Intuitive and User Friendly Interface

Cultivate Operational Agility

Elevate Operational Excellence

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