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Redefine care-delivery with Salesforce Health Cloud

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Empower hospitals and care givers with a unified view of users. Personalise engagement with patients, care providers, partners and employees. Deliver differential treatment, wishful healthcare needs and special care remotely. Provide healthcare services holistically and in a value-based, personalised manner.

What you can do with Salesforce Health Cloud?

Salesforce Health Cloud enables

Deliver Improved Care and Personalise Patient Experience

Salesforce Health Cloud enables various teams at the service provider to collaborate seamlessly and get a 360-degree view of patient data on a HIPAA compliant platform to achieve improved outcomes.

Simplify Access to Healthcare

Connect to patients using a single interaction platform that lowers operating expenses, speeds up their access to the proper treatments, and increases patient satisfaction.


Enhance Sales Experience

It enables you to connect sales teams, insurance brokers and employees on a single dynamic platform. With less administration and paperwork, you can speed up quoting, reduce cycle times, and improve sales insights.

Gain Member Trust

Increase member engagement by providing a seamless experience, from enrollment and sales to administrative and clinical assistance. Provide pro-active care by intelligently anticipating the requirements of an individual.

Salesforce Health Cloud Benefits

How Salesforce Health Cloud Benefits Entire Value chain

Salesforce Health Cloud utilises the power of cloud technology to build a setting that employs particular medical terminology so everyone involved in the patient journey—from healthcare team members to patients and payers—can access crucial information whenever they need it accurately and effectively.


Create a connected experience across all touchpoints. Transform patient management dramatically. Improve patient assistance, care management, and targeted patient engagement.


Utilise a unified Member Success Platform to implement digital strategies. Transform the way employers, brokers, and sales people carry out their duties. Redefine the way health plans are sold. .


Deliver personalised patient and HCP experiences. Allows Guided Program Enrollment, Digital Consent Management, and Intelligent Document Automation. Develop special programs and provide greater patient assistance.

Medical Devices

Develop solutions that involve patients, doctors, and partners to deliver best experiences before, during, and after therapy. Achieve account-based predictive forecasting, sales agreement management, intelligent sales.

How TechForce ushers you to a new era of connected care

The Health Cloud team at TechForce Services is creative, committed, and has extensive Salesforce and healthcare sector knowledge. Our Health Cloud strategists with multi-cloud experience execute process of cloud implementation starting from consulting and advisory to execution and support in close association with you. We ensure your existing EHR system is meaningfully integrated to the healthcare cloud platform to centralise data and take advantage of AppExchange – which offers plethora of tailored solutions useful in the healthcare industry.

With our Health Cloud implementation, we help you to:

Streamline Operations

Obtain all data you require from a single program or app instead of moving between systems. Simplify managing preferences, respond swiftly to patient inquiries, and translate findings into actions.

Personalise Patient Care

Gain access to a complete picture of a patient's health as a single source of truth for data. Quick view of extended care team, recent tests and procedures, and treatment history. Access to any inquiries the patient may have filed.

Reduce Errors

Extract fields from scanned documents using OCR tools. Automate flow of patient information to the appropriate queue for speedy inspection and processing. Reduce scope for manual errors.

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