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Salesforce Managed Services Offerings

Maximise the capabilities of the powerful Salesforce platform at every stage of your Salesforce journey with our SLA-driven, modular, and cost-effective Salesforce managed services pricing offerings. Stay ahead of the curve, no matter your current position.


Empower your existing Admin
US$ 600 per week


Additional admin at a fraction of the cost
US$ 1,200 per week


Double the impact of Salesforce Support
US$ 2,400 per week

How does this benefit your Salesforce investment?


Continuous Improvement

Ongoing expert tweaks ensure your Salesforce grows with your business. We identify efficiency boosts, suggest smart upgrades, and implement best practices so you always get the most value.


Expertise and Efficiency

Ditch admin headaches! Our experts handle user management, security, data, and updates, freeing you to focus on growth. Your optimized system saves time, money, and frustration.


Stay Updated with Salesforce Changes

We stay on top of every Salesforce update and enhancement, seamlessly deploying them to your system and keeping your business ahead of the curve.


Customization Understanding

Trained users master your custom features, boosting productivity and squeezing every advantage from your tailored system.


Efficient Adoption

Masterful training makes using Salesforce a breeze, boosting adoption and driving results. Your team will embrace change, leverage every feature, and crush daily tasks.


Feedback Loop

User interactions fuel insights. Consultants mine your feedback for training tweaks and system upgrades, ensuring your Salesforce keeps exceeding expectations.


Reduced Dependence on IT/ Increased RoI

Confident users handle daily tasks and fix hiccups, freeing IT for bigger wins and boosting your Salesforce ROI.


Scalability and Flexibility

Customize Salesforce to fit your unique needs. Add objects, fields, and workflows on-demand to scale seamlessly and keep pace with your evolving business.


Alignment with Business Processes

Ditch generic sales talk and tailor Salesforce to your unique workflows. Craft custom objects, fields, and flows that mirror your operations, boosting efficiency and data accuracy.

Automation and Efficiency

Automate repetitive tasks with custom workflows, freeing you up to focus on what matters most. Boost efficiency and watch your operations hum.


Competitive Edge

Tailor Salesforce to your unique needs, unlock powerful data insights, and craft winning CRM strategies that leave the competition in the dust.


Efficient Processes

Access the right data at the right time to eliminate errors and streamline your processes, boosting efficiency and productivity.


Improved Decision Making

Clean, reliable data fuels confident decisions. Make strategic plans and run reports with total trust, thanks to accurate info at your fingertips.


Compliance and Security

Streamline data management to stay compliant and secure. Protect sensitive information, avoid costly breaches, and keep your business worry-free.


Sustainable Growth

Secure your data's future with robust management, ensuring it grows alongside your business without sacrificing quality.


Customer Experience Enhancement

Unite your data and personalize every touchpoint, from smarter interactions to faster service, with expert integrations that elevate your customer experience.


360-Degree View of Customers

Connect Salesforce to all your systems and gain a crystal-clear, 360-degree view of your customers. Analyze interactions, predict needs, and deliver personalized experiences that wow.


Data Consistency

Integrate Salesforce with other systems and watch siloed information vanish. Enjoy consistent, real-time data across platforms, empowering every department with accurate insights.


Audit Trails and Monitoring

Stay one step ahead with audit trails and monitoring. Track user activity, spot suspicious behavior, and respond fast to protect your Salesforce data.


Regulatory Compliance

Proactive compliance checks safeguard your Salesforce against costly legal risks and data privacy concerns, ensuring you confidently meet industry standards like GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS.


Security Patching and Updates

Stay ahead of threats with automatic security updates and expert patching, shielding your valuable data and keeping your instance fortress-strong.


Data Encryption

Rest assured, your information is safeguarded with encryption both at rest and in transit, keeping it unreadable to anyone but authorized eyes.

Our Salesforce Managed Services Inclusions

Administration and Configuration

Administration and Configuration

Ongoing system administration, user management, and configuration to ensure your Salesforce instance is optimized for your business needs

User Support and Training

User Support and Training

Providing support to end-users, including troubleshooting issues, answering questions, and offering training to help them make the most of Salesforce.

Customization and Development

Customization and Development

Creating custom objects, fields, and workflows to align Salesforce with your evolving business requirements.

Data Management

Data Management

Data cleansing, migration, and ongoing data maintenance to ensure data quality and integrity within Salesforce.

Integration Services

Connecting Salesforce with other business systems and applications to enable seamless data exchange and process automation.

Security and Compliance

Security and Compliance

Regular security assessments and compliance checks to ensure your Salesforce instance meets industry and regulatory standards.

Our Expertise

With a decade of hands-on experience, TechForce Services stands at the forefront of providing unparalleled Salesforce Managed Services across various industries and solutions. Our deep domain knowledge and real-life expertise enable us to understand and enhance business models and processes.

Salesforce Managed Support

Salesforce Managed Support

TechForce Services offers comprehensive Salesforce managed support to ensure the seamless operation of your CRM. Our dedicated team ensures that your Salesforce instance operates at its peak efficiency, providing the support you need when you need it.

Salesforce Customer 360

Salesforce Customer 360

Unlock growth and efficiency with our expertise in Salesforce Customer 360. Gain a comprehensive view of customer data across marketing, sales, commerce, production, service, finance, and throughout your organization.

Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud

Experience the power of a unified platform for your complete sales process. Our expertise covers opportunity management, sales automation, forecast management, revenue cloud, sales engagement, territory planning, and more.

Service Cloud

Service Cloud

Win hearts through a connected experience with our Service Cloud solutions. Benefit from case management, automation, analytics, self-service, field service, digital engagement, omni-channel engagement, and more.

Experience Cloud

Experience Cloud

Put your customers first, from anywhere. Our Experience Cloud solutions encompass partner relationship management, business integrations, customer service, and building tailored experiences for your audience.

Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud

Build trusted relationships for life with Marketing Cloud. Leverage our expertise in customer data platforms, personalization, engagement, account engagement, intelligence, loyalty management, and more.

Education Cloud

Education Cloud

Seamlessly manage education workflows with our Education Cloud expertise. We bring together data on admission, verification, assessment, alumni management, CRM, and more, all in one place.

Financial Managed Services

Financial Managed Services

In the realm of financial services, we assist in addressing challenges such as transitioning from traditional institutions to providing innovative solutions, meeting customer demands, and preventing data breaches.

CRM Managed Services for Government

CRM Managed Services for Government

Navigating the complexities of government processes requires specialized solutions. Our CRM managed services for government entities address specific needs, ensuring efficient operations and service delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our products in the Managed Services consists of three distinct of services. The Products currently differ only in the available hours and can be chosen based on your needs. The first bucket is the Admin Service, which is 50% of the allocated weekly hours under a product. These hours are available to a customer to request Administration related help covered in Remote Administration Scope link.

The second bucket is the Business Analysis, where we work closely with you to understand your unique business needs and provide suggestions to implement them in Salesforce.  Hours available here are at 25% of the total time in week.

Under the third bucket, Development bucket we look after your needs for minor enhancement either automation or code.

In our offering, the second and third bucket together form our Customer Success plan.

Our remote administration services cover a range of activities, including user management, security and access controls, data management, system configuration, and customization support. We handle routine administrative tasks and ensure the smooth operation of your Salesforce instance.

Please refer to our Remote Administration Scope at link

You can easily request support by submitting a ticket through our Customer portal or by contacting our support team via email. Our team will promptly address your request and provide assistance.

Business support hours means 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM AEST

Customer success is at the core of our managed service offering. It means that we are committed to helping you achieve your Salesforce goals and maximise the value of your investment. All our plans offer two distinct buckets of service hours, namely the Business Analysis and Development.

As part of Business Analysis, we work closely with you to understand your unique business needs and provide suggestions to implement them in Salesforce. If these changes are minor enhancement, then we will build it as part of hours available under the Development bucket.

Customer Success bucket components Business Analysis and Development, and they don’t accrue. Which means they are not available beyond the current week. However, if the hours can be used in the same week towards Admin hours to get additional Admin support.

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Let’s talk about Salesforce Managed Services!

Managed Service Admin Support

Simplify, Secure, and Supercharge Salesforce
With our Managed Service Admin Support
  • Company Information: We manage your company details, fiscal year, business hours, and currency management settings.
  • Default Settings: We ensure your system works on the right configurations.
  • Enhanced Security: We set up audit trails, login hours, session settings, and IP restrictions.
  • Data Sharing: We manage Object, Field, and Record-Level Security.
  • User Lifecycle: We handle user creation, freezing, inactivation, and password resets.
  • User Licenses: We manage licenses and permissions for internal and external users.
  • Customized Access: We configure roles, role hierarchy, and access requirements.
  • Fine-Tuned Permissions: We create custom profiles and permission sets to ensure the right access for your teams.
  • User Interface: We optimize your UI settings, app menu, and list views.
  • Data Management: We take care of Salesforce objects, relationships, fields, and page layouts.
  • Sales and Marketing: We support leads, campaigns, sales processes, and opportunities.
  • Service and Support: We manage case processes, assignment rules, queues, and support workflows.
  • Productivity and Collaboration: We enhance activity management, Chatter, and Salesforce Mobile App.
  • Data and Analytics: We handle data imports, updates, backups, and validations.
  • Reports and Dashboards: We create, customize, and manage reports and dashboards, ensuring you get actionable insights.
Efficient Workflows: We automate business processes, notifications, escalations, and approvals using Salesforce Flows.
  • Apex Classes: We maintain and optimize existing Apex classes.
  • Integration: We manage both upstream and downstream integrations to keep your systems connected seamlessly.

We’ve got your Salesforce administration covered, allowing you to focus on what matters most: your business success.

*Disclaimer: Certain Admin Support tasks may necessitate the involvement of developers and business personnel to ensure effective execution.

Customer Success

Unlock Salesforce Excellence with Our High-Impact Managed Services!

What You'll Receive with Our Plan:

Business Analysis:

Through discussions with the business and ongoing familiarity by our support teams, we pinpoint optimization areas in your processes. We can also offer before-and-after comparisons to showcase enhancements.

Through business discussions, we target repeatable or error-prone processes for automation, basing our decisions on the platform’s best practices without relying on specific tools.

We ensure that our Salesforce-certified practitioners consistently demonstrate competency and embrace continuous technical advancement. Our team is even trained to adeptly handle any updates or changes on client platforms.


We discuss and estimate changes with clients before implementation. To ensure alignment with requirements, we conduct relevant and, if necessary, user testing before finalizing and closing tickets.

We classify “minor enhancements” on a case-by-case basis, collaborating with your business and IT teams. Likewise, we set limits on the number of minor enhancements within a timeframe through mutual agreement with your teams.

New custom fields need to be estimated and incorporated within the weekly quota; we don’t automatically integrate these fields into existing reports and dashboards.

We use Flows for Salesforce automation. To avoid workflow conflicts, our vast industry knowledge, platform best practices, and rigorous regression testing with key stakeholders guarantee a seamless transition.

In summary, with our plan you get to:
1. Collaborate closely with expert consultants to maximize your business processes.
2. Boost your platform with features aligned to top industry standards.
3. Observe how our detailed discussions lead to tailored Salesforce features.
4. Benefit from our precise adjustments to Apex code for optimal logic.
5. Leverage our expertise for a wide range of workflow enhancements and automations.

Download Whitepaper

Download Whitepaper

Download Whitepaper