How a stint at a not for profit shaped Akeel’s career in Salesforce


Akeel was bored at his IT support job and believed he could do better when he was introduced to Salesforce by his cousin. Like with most people, the more he explored it, the more he fell in love with the platform. Soon he got his admin certification as well.

The start

In 2017, he began volunteering for the Melbourne based not for profit St. Kilda Mums and a couple of other organizations. He was then hired by a software company the role of IT support. Here, a large part of his work involved customizing their Salesforce platform. This proved a turning point of his career. While working here for close to nine months, he worked closely with team members who were using Salesforce for both lead generation and sales.


His next opportunity came when he was recruited by Zenitas Healthcare as a Salesforce Cloud Admin. Here, he supported all the admin tasks and worked on Service Cloud as well. One of the projects he is proud of is deploying two factor authentication for all users to make the Zenitas org more secure.

At Zenitas, he was also exposed to Marketing Cloud. It fascinated him enough to go for a Marketing Cloud Email Specialist certification.

Currently, Akeel is working on a Marketing Cloud project developing a new app which would make tracking of contacts and lead easier for another part of business.

The Recipe

He is really enjoying his work which he credits to a mix of working on a great platform and working in a great company like Zenitas.

His recipe to become a trailblazer: 5 big spoons of knowledge exchange with the community, a pinch of self esteem, a ton of enthusiasm filled with passion. Bake it all in the oven of your daily life.

Interestingly, Akeel is also a passionate photographer. He loves his camera and has taken some breathtaking photographs capturing nature at its best.

How a stint at a not for profit shaped Akeel's career in Salesforce
How a stint at a not for profit shaped Akeel's career in Salesforce
How a stint at a not for profit shaped Akeel's career in Salesforce

Message to fellow trailblazers

It’s not difficult finding the time to earn 250+ Trailhead badges. It’s a matter of setting goals, utilising any spare time and chipping away at it. Doing one or two badges a week can make a difference. He did it by picking ones relevant to the projects he was working on to be hugely beneficial. You can reach Akeel on his LinkedIn profile here.

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