A Marine Engineer’s voyage to becoming a Salesforce Functional Consultant


From making sure ships stay their course on the sea to helping organisations chart their course, Chengappa’s transition to the world of Salesforce has been pretty smooth sailing.


Chengappa started as Marine Engineer in 2011 with a Norway based shipping company. As a senior maintenance engineer (a quick promotion from a maintenance engineer), one of his tasks was to crunch numbers and analyse why things went wrong when they did. This part of his work encouraged solving technical problems with specific business objectives.

Before we move to the next part, it is important to note some of the life experiences of Chengappa: cage shark diving, skydiving, scuba-diving and snorkelling with whales and sea lions.

It can be concluded that Chengappa does not mind taking risks. Not at all.

The Risky Next Step?

In hindsight, Chengappa’s move into the world of Salesforce does not seem that risky at all. At his previous job, he loved working with different forms of information technology. While he was contemplating his next career move, he ran into Vamsi (Founder, TechForce Services) at a Salesforce event. Vamsi’s calm demeanor and simple explanation of the Salesforce platform piqued it his interest. The more he explored, the more he began appreciating the power of Salesforce.

Soon, he was a ranger of Trailhead and 4x Salesforce certified.

While working on enhancing his skills, he was in touch with Vamsi who mentored him. In February 2019, Chengappa joined Techforce Services as a Functional Consultant. With a Service Cloud specialization, he is already hands on two projects in the manufacturing and recruitment space. From dealing in oil passing through actual pipelines, he has moved to dealing with data passing through virtual pipelines.

In addition to Vamsi’s mentorship, he believes the Trailhead platform contributed significantly to his knowledge.

His message to fellow trailblazers: “Trailhead is a platform that suits equally well for beginners as it does for the seasoned Salesforce enthusiasts. It helps in enhancing individual skills and shape their Career pathways.”

Fun Fact

In spite of working on ships, Chengappa never learned how to swim! He relied on life jackets for survival.

You can find more about Chengappa via LinkedIn or his Trailhead profile.

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