From Brazil to London to Dubai – Diogo Pacheco Pedro’s Salesforce Journey


What do you say about a professional footballer who, at the age of 17, moved from Brazil to England without knowing a word of English, acquired a degree in Computer Science, worked as an Apple Genius and eventually landed as a Salesforce consultant in Dubai?

We say he is a tenacious learner. He is Diogo Pacheco Pedro.

From Brazil to London to Dubai - Diogo Pacheco Pedro’s Salesforce Journey

Diogo’s journey to become a Salesforce Consultant is an inspiring one. After completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, he worked at Apple retail stores in London. He thrived in the customer facing roles, be it in sales or technical support.

His experience working with customers soon landed him a role as a CRM consultant in Dubai. One thing led to another and he ended up running the Salesforce platform for a local real estate company.

Craving for doing technical work, he has now moved full time into Salesforce Consulting roles. He credits the fast learning Trailhead modules (he has the Mountaineer Rank) and structured certification programs for his growth.

A dog person, Diogo now is quite well settled in Dubai with his partner and three year old daughter. He also has a son who is due to be born in April 2019.

His journey towards becoming a Salesforce Consultant was a long and difficult one. But today, he feels it was all worth it. He is enjoying what he is doing with a great work life balance.

You can connect with Diogo on LinkedIn, Twitter or on his website.

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