How a right mentor helped Varun move into the world of Salesforce


Working as an Oracle CRM (Siebel) Admin, Varun realised he needed to expand his skill Set in order to attain Command over CRM Architecture altogether. At the same time, he was fascinated by the power of DevOps. He did few projects in DevOps – AWS Migration Projects as well

Enter the Mentor

However, like any other ambitious IT Professional, he was confused too. There came to his rescue, Hemant, his mentor.

Hemant had been working in the Salesforce ecosystem for a while. He and Varun were at different locations. However, they set up various calls over which Hemant guided Varun through the Salesforce features and significance. Hemant explained that Salesforce itself was built on the basic principles of DevOps. Varun was soon convinced that while building a career in Salesforce, he would not be shifting away from DevOps.

Hemant also provided a quick run down of the Salesforce Learning Path: how Trailhead worked, and the Ranking System. In no time, Varun fell in Love with Salesforce. He had never before found himself so passionate about any other aspect of work. To this date, he is thankful to Hemant for guiding him.

Since then, he incorporated working on Salesforce is his daily routine. Till date, Varun has attained the Expeditioner rank, 81 Badges a Salesforce Admin Certification. And now with SFDX coming in, he has access to the entire OpenSource Devops – be it Jenkins, VS Code, GIT, Bitbucket and more.

His journey so far has taught him that learning has no boundaries.

He put his learning to great use on successfully meeting several challenges at work.

Putting learning into practice

One of the projects he has loved working was when he along with a team, built an auditor portal. The primary objective for them to solve a business problem and learn at the same time. Through this project they aimed to make the process of lead to opportunity for professional auditors easier.

Between them, they divided the roles of Architect, Business Analyst and Developers. They thought through every aspect of the project in a structured manner. Soon, they found that in order to build a great platform, they would have to go beyond the functionalities of click and drop to code as well.

While doing this project, Varun learnt a few Dev Pieces as well. Visualforce Pages (yes, he is a Classic guy as of now), ApexClasses, features like Inline editing, Page Refresh, XML Loading and much more. He considers this phase to be quite challenging but cherishes the time he and the team spent in discussions.

He is just one year into the world of Salesforce. But he has spent this year learning with all the passion. So much so that his wife, Priyanka, actually thought of feeding his name as SFDCNerd__c in her contact list. He strongly believes that her support and motivation played a crucial part in him being able to invest so much time learning.

His thoughts on his Salesforce Journey?

“It’s A Long Way To Go But You Just Know When You Love What You Do!”

You can contact Varun on LinkedIn, Twitter and on his Trailhead profile.

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