This librarian is trailblazing his way to a Salesforce career


Martin V Burrows is a coordinator at the Oceania Sport Information Centre at the University of the South Pacific. He is also an archivist for the Pacific Games and sport librarian to the National Olympic Committees in the Oceania region.

Multiple roles means he has to multi task as well. As part of one his roles he saw how a CRM system specially designed for the education sector worked. While the software did work required, Martin felt that more could be done.

He came across Salesforce for the first time via a Facebook group post. While he does not remember the name of the group, he does remember the person who posted it. It was a Salesforce Developer who was travelling around in the USA with his family in a RV.

He felt that there was a career for him in Salesforce and started to find more on how he could upskill himself. Soon, he started learning on Trailhead where he is now a ranger with more than a 100 badges. He also signed up for PepUpTech Academy to learn in a mores structured manner. After finishing his course there in 2018 he is now preparing for his Salesforce Admin certification.

This librarian is trailblazing his way to a Salesforce career

Martin at Down Under Dreaming 2018

The end goal for Martin is to become a Salesforce Developer. He is always looking for ways to learn more.

Fun fact

In spite of working at the library he likes to sing at his work desk.

Message to fellow trailblazers

Salesforce has the greatest community in the world and there is something for everybody.

You can connect with Martin on LinkedIn.

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