How I became a National CRM Manager – My Salesforce Journey


Mira Shah, working as a Digital Front End Developer at Career Australia had no idea what Salesforce was. One day, she was told to update a database to Salesforce. That was the step one in her Salesforce journey.

The Beginning

Her boss quickly explained her what Salesforce was all about. She started with doing a bit of research about the platform. Soon, she realised that using this tool she could manage the company clients as well as carry on some marketing related activities as well!

Next thing she knew she was in a half an hour Salesforce training arranged by her boss. The features and capabilities of Salesforce all seemed magical to her. She was completely in awe but because of her shy nature she could not really ask any questions. Unfortunately, she did not have much to do on the platform post the training.

Then she moved to another company in a similar role. It was a telecommunication company with nearly 80% of the staff were sales people. In one of the meetings, her new boss informed her that they were contemplating Salesforce for their organisation. There she communicated her awareness about the Salesforce.

And things moved quite fast.

They attended a Salesforce breakfast and met a Account executive there. They soon signed the contract. Her boss had the confidence in her that he did not take the premium support package.

How I became a National CRM Manager - My Salesforce Journey

Mira Shah at a Salesforce event

And that’s how she really started in the world of Salesforce.

It has been three years since that meeting. According to her, everyday has been exhilarating. She has implemented so many new things and provided complex solutions that support the sales, marketing and support teams at her organisation.

Till date, Mira has worked on Sales Cloud Implementation, Desk implementation, support ticket integration with Salesforce, Lighting Apps and many more projects. Additionally, she also invests time in training her team as well.

Her excellent work has led to her becoming the National CRM Manager for Optical Solutions Australia. Here she is currently working on solving complex CRM challenges that impact the entire business.

You can connect with Mira on LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter and her website.

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