My Salesforce Journey – Indupriya Tetali


My Salesforce Journey started a year before I wrote the admin certification exam. During this time I worked as a Salesforce Business Analyst helping clients get the most out of their Salesforce journey.

After working for six years as a developer, I was getting inclined toward business analyst roles. Gradually, I started to look at other opportunities. Then, as they say, the stars aligned.

I met Vamsi and started my Salesforce journey at TechForce Services.

My interest in system layers helped me understand the nuances of Salesforce better. My approach to learning Salesforce was bottom-up – from the database schemas to the top app layer.

My Salesforce Journey - Indupriya Tetali

I Love The Salesforce World

One of the best aspect of working on this platform is that the basic setup is ready and starts running in no time. In my previous life, as a Java developer, I developed applications that took more time and efforts. For example, coding database took a significant amount of time

However, as Salesforce consultants, we can concentrate on the business requirements instead of the technical requirements. It does not require heavy servers setup and everything is available on cloud with customisations. The features are endless and I know that there is so much more to explore.

Over time, I worked on different projects in different domains with various complexities. Each project in my Salesforce journey taught me new things. I worked on projects in the Finance, Education & Government industries. I soon realised that every business can have a tailored solution with Salesforce.

Time To Test Myself

While I was working on various projects, Vamsi encouraged me to attend various Salesforce events and meetups. He helped me understand how much more I could gain, professionally and personally, once I engaged with the Salesforce Ohana.

During these interactions, I realised that getting the Salesforce Admin Certification would help me test my knowledge in additional to adding value to my career.

Having worked hands on, I was quite confident about my skills to clear the exam. However, I was very apprehensive about the topic of Security and Access.

While preparing, I focused more on this topic than on anything else. Every time I picked up the topic to learn, I gained a different perspective.

A large part of my preparation included practicing on playgrounds and talking to people about it. Most importantly I did not run away from my fears and kept going.

My Salesforce Journey - Indupriya Tetali

A Support System

With a full time job and a school going child, clearing the certification would not have been possible without the continuous support of my family.

On the days, I really had to catch up studying, my husband took care of my son so that I would focus on my preparation. At work, I picked the brains of my colleagues whenever I got stuck.

Vamsi also encouraged me in different ways. Be it helping out when I was stuck or being flexible with my work times. His constant reminder and time allowances to attend Salesforce events was a big reason why I was able to complete the certification.

The Next Steps

I cleared the exam on the last day before the holidays began in 2018. Post that I enjoyed some family time. I am now geared up to get more certifications and enhance my skills. The immediate focus areas are App Builder and Advanced admin Wish me luck!

Indupriya Tetali is a Salesforce Business Analyst at TechForce Services.
Her focus areas are requirements elicitation, business and systems analysis, process flows and standardization, Testing strategies, Salesforce Integrations. Her strengths include Agile and PMBOK Methodologies.

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