Customer 360 Salesforce Solutions

Customer 360 Salesforce Solutions

In today’s digital world, customers expect more. From browsing a website to purchasing a product or service, customers expect a seamless experience that is intuitive and enjoyable. To meet these high standards, Salesforce announced new Customer 360 solutions to advance their Customer 360 services. So let’s take a look at Customer 360 Salesforce solutions in more detail…

Creating connections

With Salesforce Customer 360 Data Manager, data is organised into a single model structure for marketing, sales, B2B commerce, and service. This enables marketing teams to see how their campaigns turn into leads, opportunities, pipeline, and sales. Sales reps can view support cases before they go into a meeting, and support reps can see open sales opportunities. This allows Salesforce users to monitor, manage and study their customer data easily and effectively. Additionally, customer account hierarchies and detailed contact information provide even deeper visibility.

Customer 360 Salesforce Solutions

A unified ID is a fundamental change towards improving Salesforce customer data management and activation, but there is more progress to be made to provide the kind of system that will really help our customers achieve. Customer IDs are just as useful as the customer data rather than creating a separate master data record or data warehouse, the customer 360 ID links directly to data stored in applications.

Improved customer experience

Salesforce Customer 360 aims to streamline and improve the customer experience. Salesforce has connected its products and services to create a more seamless experience for customers, connecting them naturally to different Salesforce applications. For example, based on customer purchase history, customer will get relevant product recommendations on the website and mobile app. This provides a unified customer experience that encourages further sales and creates a positive user buying journey.

Centralize consented data from any source to create a larger, unified consumer profile. Segment and activate customer data to deliver personalised marketing, commerce and service interaction . Analyze performance with the power of Einstein AI to make changes and improvements

Cross-cloud technology

As Salesforce 360 allows data to flow effectively across all of your cloud connections, businesses can create more accurate customer profiles. This allows a business to recognise every single customer and potential customer that visits their website and engage with individuals personally. A comprehensive data platform that helps to understand customer behaviors across various channels and touchpoints, get a 360 view of the customer engagement across sales, service, marketing, commerce and beyond. This not only helps to target customers more accurately but also offers a more personal experience for customers.

How are these solutions beneficial?

By connecting multiple Salesforce apps with Customer 360, businesses can create manage their data more easily and deliver a cross-channel experience for customers. Some businesses, however, may struggle to implement Customer 360 solutions. TechForce Services specialise in Salesforce implementation and work with businesses to help them utilise Salesforce and improve their current business processes. For more information about Salesforce Customer 360 or any of our Salesforce solutions, contact us today!

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