Data Recovery Retirement is crucial to YOUR business. Learn Why!


Salesforce to retire data restoration as a service

Customers always enjoyed the ability to restore their data using Salesforce Data Recovery Service. Recently, Salesforce announced that Data Recovery as a paid feature will be deprecated effective July 31, 2020. It will no longer be available as a service because the data recovery process does not meet salesforce high standards for customer experience, due to the length of time and process reliability.

Data Recovery Retirement and How it Works?

Deletion of data is very frequent in our Salesforce environments, some of the reasons that deletion can happen are:

Accidental data deletion

User may end up associating it with the wrong account or

A user might perform a function that overrides existing data

and many more…

Salesforce Data Recovery service is an expensive and time-consuming process and therefore it is recommended to be used only after all options have been exhausted.

Salesforce maintains a backup and it can support recovery but encourages and recommends its customer to have their own local backup through any app exchange product instead of simply relying on Salesforce recovery process, which can not only be expensive and time-consuming but also does not guarantee 100% data recovery…Grrrrr, you potentially are running up for a surprise i.e. you’ll get a complete backup of all the data you lost but it won’t include any metadata.

Natural questions that come up are:

What’s next now? How to backup organisations data and metadata? How to restore?

Which are the solutions that can meet my needs?

and so on…

AppExchange has a variety of third-party applications which address this need, some of them are mentioned below:

OwnBackup: OwnBackup is a leading cloud-to-cloud backup & restore vendor. providing secure, automated, daily backups of SaaS & PaaS data as well as sophisticated data compare & restore tools for disaster recovery.

Druva: Ensure that Salesforce data is automatically saved when backing up data and metadata. Restore data on-demand information with granular, object-level recovery.

Spanning: Protect critical Salesforce data and metadata with automated, daily backup and quick recovery of lost, deleted or overwritten data and metadata including objects, attachments, reports, customizations, chatter and many more…but,

How to determine which is the Best Fit?

Developing a solid backup plan requires an investment of time and money. Get started with developing your organisation’s backup before you are caught unaware – the time is running out, remember data retention at Salesforce is getting deprecated effective 31st July 2020.

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Data Recovery Retirement is crucial to YOUR business. Learn Why!

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Data Recovery Retirement is crucial to YOUR business. Learn Why!

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