How Could your business improve with help from Einstein


Imagine a world where you had your own personal Einstein advising your business decisions. While Salesforce can’t put you in contact with one of the world’s greatest scientists, they do offer an Einstein feature on their Salesforce platform. ‘Einstein’ is the name of the artificial intelligence tool Salesforce use to help businesses improve their workflows and make smarter decisions.Like the apps on your phone, AI is being embedded into many everyday applications that we already use, and thus it was only a matter of time before it appeared in the Salesforce UI. Just like with consumer apps, Einstein infuses AI in to all of the Salesforce apps (Sales Cloud, Service Cloud etc,)- to be a built-in smart assistant – so that every business user in every role, function, and industry can be assisted right inside of the Salesforce product that they we use every day. Below we look at the benefits of using the AI Einstein in more detail with.

Improve productivity

Einstein can help sales teams manage their time more efficiently by organising leads via priority and conversion probability. Rather than having to tediously log dates and information into your calendar and schedule, by linking Salesforce, your email and calendar, Einstein will automatically update your records, ensuring your calendar is constantly updated without the need for manual entry.

Stay ahead of trends

The AI tool can identify upcoming trends by monitoring sales patterns and will make suggestions for order sizes to, ensure you always have the optimum stock level. For customers, Einstein will (chat? with them to ) suggest relevant products and content to keep them engaged with your website, helping to increase your sales and conversion rates.

Stronger customer service

Many businesses fail to utilise AI as a tool to improve their customer service, Einstein can change this. The tool can help find answers to consumer questions and connect them with the relevant information/department, keeping customers happy and reducing the workload of your customer service team.

Deeper insights

Einstein eliminates the need for guessing by analysis, instead it offers insight into data by constantly examining all data combinations. The Einstein prediction builder can help predict business outcomes, to help determine the potential growth of a business.

Understand purchase behaviour

By intuitively identifying best-selling bundles and up-selling baskets, Einstein can utilise insights into purchasing behaviour and transform them into sales. Personalised search and product recommendations help individual customers find what they are looking for much more quickly and efficiently.

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