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Transform your institution’s education management with Salesforce Education Cloud, recognised as the best CRM for universities and a comprehensive CRM solution for enrollment and student management. Customise your educational processes, streamline recruitment efforts, and optimise student management with the tailored strategies and services offered by Salesforce Education Cloud. Harness the power of student data to gain a comprehensive 360-degree view of your institution, educators, and students, enabling personalised engagement and exceptional academic experiences. Salesforce Education Cloud empowers your organisation to reshape education systems and deliver student-centric solutions, propelling your institution to new heights in the education sector.


What are the Salesforce solutions for educational institutions?


Recruitment, Admissions, and Onboarding

Retention and Progression

Alumni Experience

Alumni Experience

Agent Experience

Agent Experience

How do we create engaging journeys?

Curious about how we create engaging journeys? As a Salesforce consulting partner, our expertise lies in seamlessly integrating Salesforce Clouds and the Higher Education Data Architecture (HEDA) model, establishing what we call “Connected Campuses.” We work closely with universities and higher education institutions to deploy Salesforce education data architecture effectively. Additionally, we incorporate Marketing, Sales, Service, and Portal Clouds to curate a tailored journey that spans from pre-recruitment efforts to engaging alumni.

Experience a holistic approach to education management with TechForce Services and Salesforce Education Cloud, where student success takes center stage, transforming the higher education landscape. Elevate your educational approach with Salesforce CRM for education and Salesforce Admissions Connect. Streamline admissions processes, empower educators, and provide students with a holistic educational experience. Our mission is to support educational institutions in enhancing student lifecycle management, ensuring success from recruitment to alumni engagement.

Student Portal

Offer real-time access to students through notifications, applications, enrollments, courses and subject scheduling. Deliver outstanding service and drive retention.

Program Administration

Create, schedule, and manage your courses, sessions, and teaching rosters. Streamline program management and enrollment for online and professional programs.

Faculty, Teacher or Trainer allocation

Schedule faculty members and resources for courses and sessions. Get a comprehensive picture of faculty. Offer transparency for management.

Student 360° view

View all interactions with each student, including first inquiry, credentials, enrollments, session registrations, results, and case history. Select engage, and enroll best-fit students.

Education Cloud

Centralise and streamline operations. Personalise email or drip campaigns. Track dynamic email journeys, nurture email campaigns and student outreach. Get top-level performance visibility.

Completions Engine

Configure your completion rules to automatically flag students who have completed all requirements for certificates or qualifications.

Analytics and Compliance Reporting

Boost student admission, retention, and completion rates with advanced data analytics. Ensure operational and regulatory compliance with a single customer view.

Alumni Relationships

Gain visibility into alumni interactions. Segment and build personalised alumni communities by nurturing prospects. Cultivate valuable donors through marketing automation and personalised email campaigns.

TechForce Services 3P model approach

Projects – a holistic, end-to-end spectrum of services to drive student lifecycle including:

People – working with exceptional people who are living their purpose and making a real, lasting, positive difference:

Products- leveraging the best Salesforce products to solve university and educational institution specific challenges

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