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Once you deploy Salesforce solutions to improve the operation of your enterprise, your next logical step is to enhance the overall functionalities by integrating Salesforce with other applications. That way you can tap into vast unknown resources and get higher operational visibility. Integrating Salesforce with other apps enables you to automate end-to-end business processes and get a 360˚ customer view to deliver consistent user experience.
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Our Salesforce Integration Offerings

Integrating different systems with different functionalities would enable data to flow seamlessly between departments, reducing silos and leading to automated data synchronisation. Here’s what we can do for you:

ERP Integration

Get 360-degree view of your clients. Have better visibility of the demand and inventory. Improve decision-making.

Database Integration

Derive actionable insights and data intelligence. Integrate with external databases like Oracle, MySQL, Teradata, or MongoDB. Harness your data more effectively.

Accounting Integration

Command greater control over payment collection and invoices. Integrate your accounting software such as Xero, MyOB, BoardRoom, or QuickBooks with Salesforce.

Marketing Automation

Align your marketing automation software like Pardot, HubSpot, Zoho, or Eloqua.
Craft effortless customer journeys, support lead nurturing. Engage with prospects, and improve campaign management.

E-commerce Integration

Build effective customer journeys. Run hyper-personalised campaigns.
Create delightful customer experiences.

APIs and non-APIs Integration

Integrate your APIs with Salesforce to push any updated data from one to the other seamlessly. Maintain data integrity across your stack without worrying about versioning issues (think MuleSoft and Dell Boomi)

Other Apps Integration

Avoid duplication issues and reduce downtime by integrating Salesforce with collaboration tools like emails, calendars, chats, Slack, or Canvas.

Our approach to Salesforce Integration

We have a four-step approach to help you integrate Salesforce CRM with your existing applications and software

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