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Marketing Automation

You can’t afford to be left behind, So automate and stay ahead!

Streamline your campaigns and nurture leads in an effective and structured manner through marketing automation. Ensure  your sales and marketing operations are free from human errors. Get intelligent insights into scoring and measuring overall ROI on campaignsWith marketing automation turn your customer data you collect through many interactions—apps, website visits, emails, social media— into actionable insights.

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TechForce Services equips you with a holistic view of your customers’ needs so that you can offer unmatched personalised experiences. Help your brand stand out in the crowd by letting our Salesforce Marketing Cloud experts create an engaging experience for you and your stakeholders!

Our Marketing Automation offerings

TechForce Services marketing automation service offers cutting edge marketing automation solutions, Pardot, and Marketing Cloud. We help you supercharge every aspect of your marketing – email marketing campaigns, lead generation and lead scoring, business growth, and social media management. Salesforce Marketing Cloud enables you to personalise user journeys across channels and devices. We help you automate these experiences and update your engagement game for every interaction through:

Drip campaigns to deliver the right information exactly when users need it, as well as offering insights into how a user interacts with the brand and where they are in the funnel.

Social campaigns to build your brand awareness, increase traffic, and generate qualified leads through social posts, blogs, and paid campaigns.

Web campaigns to increase traffic and conversions through paid and organic search, keywords analysis, and web analytics.

Mobile campaigns to provide user engagement and build relevant mobile messaging into multi-touch nurture campaigns.

Lead scoring based on a prospect’s level of interest, past activities, and user behaviour.

Revenue and pipeline analysis to lead source and marketing budgets.

Why Automate Marketing?

Marketing campaign management takes a great deal of time, strategy, and planning to achieve the best-desired results. You can reduce manual efforts using tools that can automate critical or repetitive tasks like:

Key benefits

Deliver consistent, omnichannel customer experiences with TechForce Services’ marketing automation

Marketing Automation Services
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