AutoRABIT for Salesforce DevOps: A Customer Story


As most development teams evolve, they typically come to an inflection point in their DevOps journey regarding automation — should they build a solution with open source point products, or buy a platform? Salesforce development is no different, and in fact can present some unique challenges when considering open source solutions versus an end-to-end solution specifically designed for Salesforce.

The AutoRABIT team has worked with hundreds of enterprises worldwide to bring Agile and DevOps best practices to their Salesforce teams, decreasing their release times and code defects while enabling them to create new digital customer experiences. One such client, a top five U.S. bank, was recently facing a major obstacle that many companies face when they place the burden of Salesforce software development on internal staff using tools not designed specifically for the platform.

Their development team was using an open source automation tool that made creating and updating applications extremely time-intensive. While some automation was achieved, there was still a heavy reliance on manual development and moving of metadata, a lack of sync between Salesforce organizations, and an absence of proper parallel development mechanisms. Additionally, the open source solution required regular maintenance to scripts up to date.

The team soon realized they needed an end-to-end continuous delivery that would actually automate tasks, instead of creating more work.

 That brought them to AutoRABIT. The AutoRABIT platform was created precisely to make Salesforce development easier, offering simplified environment management along with an intuitive analytics dashboard. AutoRABIT compiled several solutions for the bank that would help them accomplish their goals and limit the costs of internal software development. These included AutoRABIT’s version control, Salesforce org synchronization and continuous software integration resources to dramatically simplify software releases.

 The bank was able to optimize a variety of processes with the help of AutoRABIT’s recommended solutions. The development team attained faster and more frequent release cycles without the immense manual effort previously required. AutoRABIT also eliminated the need to maintain scripts, allowing all resources to focus on creating and testing code. Having finally achieved an efficient implementation of Agile and DevOps practices, they were able to consistently deliver high-quality code at speed.

AutoRABIT and TechForce Services partner to meet organizations where they are in their Salesforce DevOps journey and implement an enterprise-grade automation platform specifically built for Salesforce development.

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