How is Cloud Computing Useful for the business of tomorrow


Cloud computing is transforming modern business. Through the cloud, new digital-centric businesses are emerging that are more agile and innovative than anything seen before.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Small businesses provide a compelling approach to leveraging cloud in delivering CRM (Salesforce) solutions. Established companies are also breaking into new markets  with investment into cloud services. Today, businesses are pioneering new customer services and business models that are disrupting entire industries and changing the way we work and play.

Challenges to Migrating to Cloud Commuting

Enterprises are now on an accelerated modernisation path. They are trying to maintain, and even extend, their lead as other digital and data driven organisations challenge their status. However, for established enterprises, this is a strong challenge.

They are not start ups that can live exclusively in the clouds. They have legacy systems and applications that cannot be virtualised and migrated to the cloud. Then there are customers who rely upon the flawless and ceaseless delivery of their digital services.

Furthermore, due to governance, regulatory, and compliance (GRC) requirements some of the digital assets have to stay on premise. Therefore, the road ahead is more complicated than simply migrating infrastructure and applications to the cloud.

The challenge for businesses are that companies rely on a mix of public cloud services providers, private cloud and on-premises legacy technology. With more and more systems relying on the performance of external services, it’s a challenge to pin down the root cause of a service interruption when it occurs, as it relies on the consistent performance of multiple elements both on and off of your premises.

What Next

Despite the benefits of this hybrid environment the reality is that it can cause an enterprise to lose sight of service vulnerabilities. What is needed is a holistic end-to-end view of the entire service delivery infrastructure. Without this visibility, service failure and even criminal activities, such as hacking and Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, can go unnoticed.

With so much of modern business activity reliant on the effective operation of the network, it is vital to be able to identify and address issues quickly and effectively.

The right approach to service assurance overcomes this challenge by providing a holistic visibility across the entire service delivery infrastructure from the wireless Edge to the Core and in the Cloud. This is achieved by continuous end-to-end monitoring and analysis of the traffic data flowing over hybrid cloud networks. This enables enterprises to spot and isolate any anomalies that may present a hindrance to business performance.

Translating real-time smart data into actionable insights is of huge strategic value to the enterprise both in terms of productivity and revenue as well.

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