How Salesforce can help Governments govern better?


The premise of a strong a Government is trust.

When the citizens trust the Government, it is implied that their data is secured and everyone’s data is treated the same. The data collection process is expected to be secure and that the data is used judiciously to serve the citizens.

With trust being a basic requirement, today’s citizens have started demanding more from their Government. As they are more exposed to the high quality private sector, they are expecting similar behaviour from their Government. The citizen is now a customer and expects world class customer experience. A conscious and progressive Government will need to meet the increasingly high expectations.

Salesforce, being the foremost Customer Relationship Management in the world, provides some tools using which Government organisations can meet the demands of their citizens.

How Salesforce can help Governments govern better?

Citizen Experience Management

As mentioned above, the citizens today want the same experience with the Government agencies that they have come to expect of private companies.
They want a more personalized experience today.

This can be possible if different Government agencies or even the departments collaborate and share data with each other. Doing this will allow the Government to maintain a single view of the citizen and therefore deliver the value that they can.

Salesforce’s customer success platform allows agency departments to collaborate effectively and therefore deliver excellent service to their citizens.

How Salesforce can help Governments govern better?

Regulatory Management​

The citizens trust that the Government will ensure that the different rules, regulations and laws are managed effectively. The machinery that works in the background to ensure this happens is quite complex with a number of moving parts

There are a lot of internal stakeholders with different priorities. A dynamic policy environment makes the work even more complex. Internal and external change management is a constant challenge.

The Salesforce Regulatory Agency Management Solution enables this stakeholder management while keeping track of the constant change in an efficient manner.

How Salesforce can help Governments govern better?

Innovate with real-time data

Having one view of each citizen or each cohort of citizen is one thing. Making sense of this view with a constant flow of data is another challenge in itself.

However, with access to this kind of real time data can allow the Government to take action or make changes with immediate effect. The data could also be used to identify problems or patterns which otherwise may not be visible.

Salesforce’s Human Services solution provides for all the above functionalities

How Salesforce can help Governments govern better?

Greater Collaboration

Another advantage of data backed decision making is that the process itself becomes less bureaucratic and therefore less time consuming. Faster decision making will allow different agencies to learn from each others’ mistakes and improve the service delivery as well.

Imagine the impact on the citizens when they see the Government rolling out effective initiatives at rapid speed!

There are many other ways in which Government entities can benefit from Salesforce. We would love to know how you are using Salesforce in your organization.

At TechForce Services, we have partnered with Government entities helping them get the most out of their Salesforce environment.

Contact us to discuss how we can do that for your organisation as well.

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