How Salesforce can help Not for Profits?


There are 4 ways Salesforce can help Not for Profit organizations

  1. Fundraising
  2. Community Engagement
  3. Case Management
  4. Real Time Impact Measurement


We are living in a fast changing world – and that is quite an understatement. While technology is bringing in improvements to the modern life, it is also causing disruption at an unprecedented scale. The disruption is across geographies, industries and societies.

This in turn has led to the widening of the gap between the haves and have nots it only seems to get bigger.

In these times, we do have individuals & organisations who are standing up and are addressing these issues. These enterprises are representing a plethora of causes ranging from poverty, anti-corruption, better healthcare, human rights and others.

A large number of these organisations are not for profit – which means that all surplus income after meeting the costs are diverted back to further the cause for which they stand for.

Building a sustainable enterprise is not easy and is more difficult today. However, these not for profits are doing a commendable jobs in spite of all the constraints and roadblocks by the powers to be.

These not for profits have a host of dynamic day to day challenges. Additionally, the administrative responsibilities, coupled with limited resources, often hinders the desired pace of progress.

It is here that a tool like Salesforce can be of tremendous help.


The Salesforce Not for Profit Cloud can help these organizations take care of administrative tasks and much more.

Based on our experience at Techforce Services with our clients, here are some cool and innovative ways, Salesforce can help Not for Profits run their operations successfully.


One of the important tenets of a not for profit’s success is transparency. The donors need to have the confidence that their contribution is managed efficiently.

One of the ways Salesforce can be used is to provide an end to end view of the donor journey through automated email updates, donor profiles and much more.

This can allow for these enterprises to share reports and results almost instantaneously with the key stakeholders. Check out this example to see how a US based charity used Salesforce to engage with its donors.

2. Community engagement

The Not for Profit exists for the welfare of its community. More than any other, it is in this sector that the community needs to be involved in all aspects. It could be dissemination of information, encouraging them to keep their records updated or collaborate on initiatives. Using Salesforce, they can reach out to their community members with custom content based on their geographies, interests or any other criteria.

Discover how an Australian social enterprise supported thousands of Indigenous students through high school.

3. Case management

The core activity for a Not for Profit is to cater to the needs of its community members. Over a period of time, each member may have their own record history for each case. Tracking these manually is not only inefficient but also ineffective. The staff may end up wasting more time in paper work than actual care. With Salesforce’s case management solutions, you can have your case manager do their work even from the field, track each stage of the service delivery and deliver faster.

Want to know how an aged care NGO used Salesforce for effective case management? Click here.

4. Real time impact measurement

We live in a world where increasingly large number of decisions are data backed and there is no reason a Not for Profit should not be part of that world. As a community driven organisation, if you are able to make quick decisions while working in the field using the Salesforce mobile App. the impact of decisions will be much higher.

Find how an organization dedicated to eradicate homelessness used Salesforce to measure its impact.

There are many other ways in which Not for Profits can benefit from Salesforce. We would love to know how you are using Salesforce in your organization.

At TechForce Services, we have partnered with not for profit organizations helping them get the most out of their Salesforce environment. Contact us to discuss how we can do that for your organisation as well. . 

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