Why we have a booth at the Salesforce World Tour Sydney?


As a Silver sponsor at the biggest Salesforce event in Australia, we are super excited to be at the Salesforce World Tour, Sydney 2019.

There are several reasons why we have chosen to be a sponsor here. But, we will address the elephant in the room first.

It makes business sense.

Any Salesforce event is a massive thing for the community. It is the biggest gathering of the Salesforce Ohana on a single day under a single roof. People from across the community adjust their calendar to be here.

As a growing business, there could not be another better opportunity to meet our existing and potential clients. At this event, we are looking to meet this group. We are looking to showcase how our processes, our systems and our people can help them solve their business problems.

Having said, another equally important reason is to engage with the awesome Salesforce Australia Ohana.

It's about the community.

Communities is all about relationships. The Salesforce Ohana is built on strong relationships and we have been part of it since our inception.

The TechForce Services founder, Vamsi Krishna is an MVP. He has worked with the community both online and offline. From answering 1000s of questions on Trailhead to co-managing the Developers User Group in Sydney, he stays connected to the community in different ways.

Our experienced (and growing) team of certified Salesforce professional are actively involved in various community groups. We attend the many Salesforce community events held in Sydney. Most of us are contribute to local not for profits with our time.

We believe that as a Silver sponsor at the Salesforce World Tour Sydney 2019, we will be able to have a high octane, concentrated engagement with the community.

Again, we are super excited to be at the World Tour. You can meet us there at our booth or interact with one of our team members.

You can register for the event here or have a look at the day’s agenda here.

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