Why Business Process Automation Is Important For Your Organisation?


Business Process Automation is no longer an option. It is table stakes. You are at a competitive disadvantage If your business processes are not automated. Your competitors can easily leapfrog over you by delivering better value to the ecosystem you serve.

Still not convinced? Here are three straightforward reasons how automating your business processes can positively impact your business.

What Are The Benefits of Business Process Automation?

Quicken the decision making process

Let’s face it. Most businesses are hierarchical. Not all businesses empower their people to take decisions. More often than not, there are multiple levels of managers involved even in smallest decisions.

Changing this structure is not easy. Add the general inertia to take decisions, getting confirmations for solving a customer problem can be a pain in the wrong place.

One of the biggest reason for this is lack of complete information required to make those decisions. Each layer of authority wants more information than the previous one to make an ‘informed’ decision.

Business process automation can help reduce this. It can help in making information be available in one place for anyone who needs it. Then processes can be set up to make that information to be accessed quickly and in different forms.

Availability of information faster and when needed can reduce the time to required to collect information. Thus providing information to stakeholders when they need it and how they need it will help them eliminate the waste in the process.

Improve Team Productivity

Having sound processes can make help your team save time doing repetitive tasks. A case in point being preparing reports. Whether you have an analytics person who works on computers to pull data from different sources or an operations supervisor reporting on a machine’s performance, preparing reports is an important step in decision making. These are generated at frequent and regular intervals. Imagine being the NASA scientists in the pre-computer era. All complex calculations were done by hand for every major project!
Why Business Process Automation Is Important For Your Organisation?

When the processes get automated your team member will spend less time creating reports. They will now be spending more time in doing the more important stuff – analysis. Over time and across departments, this can be yield excellent results for your organisation.

Deliver Value To The Customer

You are in the business to deliver value to your customer. Do you think your customer will be happy if at every touch point, you ask her to verify the same details? Or worse, if you do not have proper records of the customer at all? Good business automation processes allow you to have one single view / source of truth of the customer. Your sales team members or customer success teams can easily and quickly access customer information. This will allow them in investing time in figuring out ways to deliver value to the customer on their terms. See how this business advisory firm transformed their relationships with their customers using business process automation.

How To Start With Business Process Automation?

A Salesforce user has access to getting business process automation within their organisation up and running really quickly.

You can refer to our guide on the Process Automation Specialist Superbadge which can help you do exactly that.

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