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Einstein Analytics

Data is the “New Oil”

Harness the power of data to drive actionable insights and smarter decision making. Leverage the trailblazing abilities of Salesforce to create magic with Tableau and Einstein Analytics. Tableau empowers businesses to see mission-critical data while Einstein Analytics leverages AI to discover business insights, predict results, and drive efficiencies. Our experts help organisations with Einstein Analytics and Tableau to get insights into the why and how of marketing, sales, supply chains, services, and operations, while offering actionable insights into the data for faster and smarter decision making.
Salesforce Analytics Services

How can TechForce Services help?

Analyse data from all touchpoints to derive meaningful insights with our comprehensive Salesforce analytics. Accelerate your value and growth journey with our  Salesforce discovery method. In our discovery sessions, we guide you through the process of identifying and evaluating your current business data requirements and help you define new measures for success. We apply our expertise to devise an analytics approach that can deliver on your immediate needs with flexibility and self-sufficiency. We offer:

Sales Analytics

AI-driven sales insights to unlock relevant explanations and recommendations

Service Analytics

Capture, process, and analyze data to create value for customers and providers

Marketing Analytics

Explore potential business outcomes with Einstein’s ML prediction builder

Customer 360

Out-of-the-box analytics with data security

Tableau for Enterprise BI

Create and customise dashboards with single click automation

How does Salesforce CRM Analytics help?

Deliver agile, seamless experiences to customers by innovating and adapting quickly leveraging smart insights. Here’s how the combined capabilities of Tableau and Einstein Analytics empower each role in your business to do just that


Get actionable, real-time insights, AI-driven predictions and recommendations.

Sales Reps

Get comprehensive view of the entire pipeline. Get smart sales predictions and forecasts.

Salesforce Admins

Drive adoption and enhance CRM ROI with complete data management tools.

Finance Professionals

Have a unified view of business data across ERP, CRM and HCM. Get integrated to sales and revenue forecasting.


Leverage AI to drive employee performance, recognition, recruitment, and retention.


Track and optimise spends, outcomes, ROI, and audience engagement.

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