Dependent Multiselect Picklist

Welcome to TechForce Services’ ‘Dependent Multiselect Picklist.’ Our robust and innovative tool amplifies the capabilities of multi-select picklists by transforming them into versatile controlling and dependent fields within your Salesforce environment.

Suitable for Every Industry: Explore how this product can streamline your operations and turbocharge your productivity.

Dependent Multiselect Picklist

Key Features

Explore the features that make ‘Dependent Multiselect Picklist’ an invaluable addition to your Salesforce toolkit:


Multiselect Picklist with Controlling Capabilities

Create relationships and dependencies where multi-select picklists can be controlling fields.


Effortless Mapping

Create relationships between any two multi-select picklists with ease, optimizing data organization.

Dynamic Aspects

Make immediate adjustments and observe the impact of the choices on your data.


User-Friendly Interface

Intuitive design ensures that users at all levels can harness the full potential of this tool.


Mapping Management

Easily review, save, and view mappings for efficient record-keeping.

Alerts on Duplicate Mappings

Appropriate alert messages are issued for duplicate mappings.

Diverse Use Cases

Our Dependent Multi-Select Picklist Component has a wide range of applications and here's one example:

Empowering Educational Freedom

In the dynamic world of education, prestigious colleges and universities often need a streamlined course and subject selection process that empowers students and faculty to choose two courses and related subjects to each course , aligning with their academic goals. Standard Salesforce solutions fall short as they lack controlling multiselect picklist fields, hindering the smooth course and subject selection experience.

Enter our revolutionary Dependent Multi-Select Picklist Component and experience challenges transform into opportunities. With our solution, multi-select picklists become controlling fields, offering flexibility and a vast array of subject choices for students and faculty, ensuring a personalized and tailored educational experience.

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