Dependent Multiselect Picklist

Welcome to TechForce Services’ ‘Dependent Multiselect Picklist.’ Our robust and innovative tool amplifies the capabilities of multi-select picklists by transforming them into versatile controlling and dependent fields within your Salesforce environment.

Suitable for Every Industry: Explore how this product can streamline your operations and turbocharge your productivity.

Plug and Play: Seamlessly integrates with the existing platform infrastructure.

Dependent Multiselect Picklist

Key Features

Explore the features that make ‘Dependent Multiselect Picklist’ an invaluable addition to your Salesforce toolkit:


Multiselect Picklist with Controlling Capabilities

Create relationships and dependencies where multi-select picklists can be controlling fields.


Effortless Mapping

Create relationships between any two multi-select picklists with ease, optimizing data organization.

Dynamic Aspects

Make immediate adjustments and observe the impact of the choices on your data.


User-Friendly Interface

Intuitive design ensures that users at all levels can harness the full potential of this tool.


Mapping Management

Easily review, save, and view mappings for efficient record-keeping.

Suitable for every Industry

Wide range of use cases catering the needs of every industry .

Diverse Use Cases

Our Dependent Multi-Select Picklist Component has a wide range of applications and here's one example:

Empowering Educational Freedom

In the dynamic world of education, prestigious colleges and universities often need a streamlined course and subject selection process that empowers students and faculty to choose two courses and related subjects to each course , aligning with their academic goals. Standard Salesforce solutions fall short as they lack controlling multiselect picklist fields, hindering the smooth course and subject selection experience.

Enter our revolutionary Dependent Multi-Select Picklist Component and experience challenges transform into opportunities. With our solution, multi-select picklists become controlling fields, offering flexibility and a vast array of subject choices for students and faculty, ensuring a personalized and tailored educational experience.

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