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In recent years, the field of automation testing has witnessed significant advancements through the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) based automation. AI-based automation testing is revolutionizing the software development industry, enabling companies to deliver high-quality products faster and more efficiently.

One of the most notable trends in AI-based automation testing is the use of Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to analyse vast amounts of data and identify patterns that can be used to improve testing processes. ML algorithms can also help to optimize testing schedules and prioritize test cases based on their likelihood of uncovering defects.

Another trend in AI-based automation testing is the use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) to enable testers to write test cases using natural language. This approach eliminates the need for testers to learn complex programming languages, making it easier for non-technical personnel to participate in testing activities. Additionally, NLP can help testers identify gaps in test coverage and generate test cases automatically based on user stories and requirements.

AI-based automation testing is transforming the way software development companies approach testing. By leveraging machine learning algorithms, natural language processing, and other AI-based technologies, companies can improve the quality of their products, reduce testing costs, and accelerate the delivery of their software. As AI technology continues to evolve, we can expect to see even more innovative solutions in the field of automation testing in the years ahead.

Digital Transformation with ACCELQ

ACCELQ brings the rigor, adaptability, and potency of traditional code-based configuration to the realm of codeless automation. With ACCELQ, testers can create test logic freely without being constrained by programming syntax. Even intricate test logic can be developed without sacrificing the simplicity of natural language. ACCELQ’s design-first methodology gently enforces modular and reusable development of test assets, while built-in best practices facilitate change management.

ACCELQ’s codeless functionality extends beyond natural language test logic development. The same streamlined approach is applied to every significant aspect of test automation. Element identification is visual and intuitive, including the ability to handle iframes and other dynamic controls. Data definition is completely functional, test case generation is automated, test plans are logical and business-driven.

ACCELQ’s codeless functionality is designed to support advanced interactions and logic development capabilities. It includes dynamic web page handling, database validation, API verification, and middleware automation, all within the same simple and natural interface

Experience seamless Salesforce testing with ACCELQ. Effortlessly test both Salesforce UI & API’s without any coding knowledge. Enjoy comprehensive coverage with Visualforce component automation. Validate complete business processes with automation of ERP applications integrated with Salesforce. ACCELQ’s integrated Salesforce and custom web application automation ensures end-to-end validation. Execute tests in the cloud with cross-browser and OS compatibility for comprehensive validation. Intelligent abstraction streamlines Salesforce workflows and allows for in-sprint automation. Let ACCELQ optimize your Salesforce testing process with its advanced automation technology.

Effortless Assistance for the Salesforce Technology Stack

  • Test cycles are completed 3 times faster with ACCELQ’s automation technology.
  • Test automation requires 70% less effort with ACCELQ, which supports Salesforce Classic, Lightning, and Lightning Web Components.
  • ACCELQ, as an ISV partner, stays in sync with Salesforce releases to ensure seamless upgrades through robust automation testing.
  • ACCELQ’s AI-driven cloud-based automation technology is optimized for Salesforce’s specific dynamic technology, offering a no-code approach to testing.
  • ACCELQ seamlessly integrates with various eco-system tools like Jira, TFS, Jenkins, and Bamboo, making it a versatile addition to any testing process.
  • With ACCELQ, manual testers and business analysts can easily automate their testing without the need for programming knowledge.
  • ACCELQ automates all aspects of the quality lifecycle, from test design to test planning and execution.
  • The self-healing automation feature of ACCELQ significantly reduces automation maintenance efforts by 70%.
  • ACCELQ generates test cases algorithmically and automatically using Salesforce data models.

Unlock Optimal Results with ACCELQ's Proven Best Practices

  • Long term viability of test automation relies heavily on well-designed and architected solutions.
  • Implementing a consistent naming convention for entities aligns with organizational standards and enhances clarity and precision.
  • Alerts for incomplete items or deviations from best practices across entities such as Actions, Contexts, and Scenarios can be highly informative. Paying attention to alerts and addressing them in a timely fashion is crucial.
  • Effective parameterization is a hallmark of a well-designed automation solution, and ACCELQ offers a wide range of capabilities to parameterize various test scenarios.
  • Actions with multiple destinations can prevent code duplication, saving time and reducing complexity.
  • Utilizing local actions reduces clutter and increases reusability, promoting a more streamlined and efficient testing process.
  • Setting up synchronization points for Contexts is essential, as it automates ensuring that the page is fully loaded before taking action during test execution.
  • Adopting data-driven testing minimizes scenario duplication and maximizes efficiency.
  • Refrain from writing two Scenarios that consist of the same sequence of Actions.
  • Designing Test Suites with execution requirements in mind promotes a more organized and effective testing process

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