How a Salesforce Accredited Partner Like TechForce Services Can Help Your Company Grow


A Salesforce accredited Partner implements and optimises Salesforce products in a manner that is effective and scalable, syncing with your business requirements. 

It’s critical for businesses to consistently enhance their customer experience, resulting in improved business operations and increased profits. Salesforce has emerged as a great platform over the years to help businesses improve their agility and customer interaction within a collaborative environment.

If you are planning to integrate a Salesforce CRM solution into your business, you need to know it inside out, so you can leverage its potential to your advantage. A Salesforce accredited partner makes this job a lot easier.

Who is a Salesforce accredited Partner?

A Salesforce partner with the “accredited Professional” credential has the bragging rights “Insert a smiley here” to call themselves an “expert” as the successful completion of the accreditation program means the partner knows the ins and outs of the complete Salesforce ecosystem.

Most importantly, this kind of accreditation is specifically designed for Salesforce partners and helps them earn credits towards Salesforce Navigator distinctions. And for those who don’t know, the Navigator distinctions are the best way for businesses to identify which consulting partners stand out from the crowd.

Salesforce accredited Partner implements and optimises Salesforce products in a manner that is effective and scalable, syncing with your business requirements. They effectively help a business get more out of their Salesforce investment.

The responsibilities of a Salesforce accredited Partner range from configuration to gathering requirements or keeping a project on track. When you work with such a partner, their senior consultants are involved across the complete project lifecycle – sales, marketing, and customer service needs.

Why do You Need to Engage a Salesforce accredited Partner?

The ultimate goal of every organisation is to deliver innovative and swift services to its customers and boost their productivity. For a delightful customer experience, organisations must integrate highly rated customer service software solutions.

And Salesforce offers an inclusive range of products and services, which makes it possible, such as:

But so many products and solutions also confuse businesses as to which Salesforce services to opt for. Salesforce accredited Partners like TechForce Services can make the process easier and more effective. These software services companies are experts in the Salesforce ecosystem and can implement and optimize Salesforce products to meet your business requirements and can point you in the right direction thereby maximising your profitability and growth, and minimising time and costs.

For instance, if the top management of an organisation plans to implement the Salesforce Service Cloud software in their existing system, then they will think of things like the set-up of the Service Cloud, its offerings, and seamless working. But a Salesforce accredited Partner will bring in a different perspective.

By engaging a partner like that, you will derive a host of benefits:

  • Designing and implementing Cloud solutions that fulfil your business requirements and contribute to long-term business success.
  • Mapping of your business objectives with Salesforce features.
  • Implementing Cloud features and functionalities into your existing system that automates and streamlines the entire lifecycle of customer service and support.
  • Anticipating and mitigating risks, which, in turn, help you take appropriate and timely actions and improvements.
  • Delivering you superior and efficient services
  • Determining whether to integrate custom application development or third-party applications.
  • Identifying the capabilities for case management, utilising social media channels such as Social Hub, Salesforce for Twitter and Facebook.
  • Empowering your sales team with accurate and updated customer information that facilitate swift and wise decisions.

How TechForce Services Can Help You?

Being a Salesforce accredited Partner, TechForce Services can help you customise your CRM solution according to your business requirements. We apply our vast CRM consulting experience to help companies in professional services, operating in different domains, such as Education, Government, IT, Manufacturing, Finance, Banking and Insurance, Healthcare, and other industries benefit from the use of Salesforce services.

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