The Power of Salesforce Grant Management Systems

Unlocking Salesforce Grant Management: Empower your organisation with efficient grant management solutions.

Significance of Grants in Nonprofit Fundraising

A Grant is a sum of money given to an organisation or individuals for projects and research. Securing grant funding is important for lots of nonprofits when they’re trying to raise funds. Grants play a vital role in nonprofit fundraising strategies for several reasons like,

In this blog post, we will explore how Salesforce can be leveraged to streamline and enhance grant management for nonprofit organisations, educational institutions, and other entities.

What is a Salesforce Grant Management System?

Visual representation of business cycle in Grants Management System

Managing grants effectively can be a complex task for organisations of all sizes, mostly in the public sector. With the increasing need for transparency, accountability, and streamlined processes, many nonprofits and public sector businesses are turning to technology solutions to simplify the grant management process. One such solution is Salesforce Grant Management Systems.

The Grant Management System in Salesforce is a comprehensive cloud-based platform designed to streamline the entire grant management life cycle.

It allows organisations to efficiently manage grants from initial application submission to final reporting, all within a single integrated system.


Salesforce offers two related products to be effectively used for the Grant management process. They are 

Outbound Funds Module (OFM) and Salesforce Grants Management (GMS) that serve distinct purposes but share a common foundation. Let’s dive into a detailed explanation of each and their differences:

Feature Outbound Funds Module (OFM) Salesforce Grants Management (GMS)
Definition Open-source product designed to help organisations manage and deliver funds. A paid product built on OFM, tailored to grantmaking organisations for streamlined grant management.
Key Users Nonprofits, grant recipients, and organisations managing funds. Grantmaking organisations, foundations, and entities providing grants.
Cost Free to use. Paid product, requires a subscription.
Customisation Highly customisable to adapt to unique organisational needs. Pre-configured templates and workflows, offering less flexibility but easier setup.
Open-Source Nature Open-source, source code is available for public modification. Proprietary, not open-source.
Grant Lifecycle Support Covers the entire grant lifecycle, from application to reporting. Tailored to grantmakers, offering advanced grant lifecycle support.
Integration with Salesforce Can be integrated with other Salesforce products and third-party applications. Seamlessly integrates with the broader Salesforce ecosystem for enhanced functionality.
User Interface Customisable user interface with a potentially steeper learning curve. User-friendly interface with pre-configured templates and workflows.
Reporting and Analytics Offers basic reporting capabilities. Provides advanced reporting and analytics tools for in-depth insights.

Grant Management Process

The grant management process is a series of steps and activities organisations follow to acquire, administer, and report on grants effectively. Here’s an overview of the typical grant management process:

1. Grant Identification and Research

Organisations identify potential grant opportunities that align with their mission and objectives.

2. Grant Application

Create a grant proposal or application that outlines the organisation’s goals, objectives, budget, and expected outcomes.

3. Application Submission

Submit the grant application within the specified deadline. Ensure that all required documents and information are included.

4. Grant Review and Evaluation

The granting organisation or a panel of reviewers evaluates the applications. Applications are assessed based on criteria such as alignment with the grantor’s priorities, feasibility, and potential impact.

5. Grant Award

Successful applicants are notified and receive the grant award. Grant agreements or contracts are typically signed to formalise the funding arrangement.

6. Grant Implementation

Develop a plan to implement the project or program funded by the grant. Allocate resources, assemble teams, and initiate the project.

7. Financial Management

Create a budget that tracks grant funds and expenditures. Ensure compliance with financial reporting requirements and manage cash flow effectively.

8. Program Monitoring and Reporting

Continuously monitor the progress of the project or program. Generate and submit regular reports to the granting organisation, detailing project status, expenditures, and outcomes.

9. Compliance and Documentation

Ensure that all activities comply with the terms and conditions specified in the grant agreement. Maintain accurate records and documentation related to the grant.

10. Grant Closure

Complete all required reporting and documentation at the end of the grant period. Submit the final report and any other deliverables as specified by the grantor.

Data Model

Grants Management Data Model. Visual representation of the structure and relationships of data elements in the project.

Funding Program

Represents a thematic or strategic funding initiative provided by an organisation.

Funding Request

An application for funding, which can be from external organisations or individuals, or for internal requests.


Tracks feedback from a reviewer about a Funding Request.

Funding Request Role

Tracks Contacts related to a Funding Request, allowing multiple Contacts to be associated with one request.

Funding Request Collaborator

Tracks users with access to collaborate on a Funding Request.

Funding Request Collaborator Invitation

Tracks invitations for collaboration on a Funding Request.

Verification Check

It allows organisations to systematically verify and document specific grant-related information or documents for due diligence and compliance purposes.


Deliverables or milestones needed for a Funding Request to be approved or closed.


Payments made or scheduled to be made to the funding recipient.


The planned amount of funds for a specific objective during a specified time frame.

Budget Allocation

Represents funds earmarked or awarded from the parent Budget.

In-build Grant Management Features

GMS provides various pre-build features that come along with the product to ease the Grant Management process.

Grants PortalCreate an Experience Cloud portal for external users.
Basic Application Flow TemplateAutomate how an application is collected on your portal.
Enhanced Application Flow TemplatesProvide multi-screen forms and allow users to save and return to their grant applications.
Organisation Self-RegistrationGive grantseekers the ability to register in your portal and update their organisation information.
Invite-Only ApplicationsInvite an applicant to apply to private funding.
Manage CollaboratorsEncourage fellow users on the portal to join and collaborate on funding requests.
Tax Status CheckVerify a nonprofit’s tax status with GuideStar.

Action Plans


Use Salesforce Action Plans to standardise due diligence.
Internal ReviewCapture review status and comments on a Review record.
External ReviewReview applications in your Experience Cloud portal.
Review WorkspaceConfigurable, single-screen view of an application’s details and attachments.
Manage DisbursementsAbility to schedule and track Disbursement details against a Funding Request.
Requirements ManagementCapture details about grantee requirements such as type, due date, and status.
Reporting and AnalyticsReports are included in the product to get you started.


The Salesforce Grant Management System provides organisations with a powerful and efficient solution to manage grants effectively. From centralised data management to streamlined workflows, enhanced reporting, and improved communication, the Salesforce Grant Management System offers a wide range of benefits and advantages. By implementing this system, organisations can maximise their grant management efforts, improve efficiency, ensure transparency, and ultimately focus on achieving their missions. Embrace the power of the Salesforce Grant Management System and take your grant management to new heights!

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