Streamlining Salesforce Testing with UiPath Automation


Salesforce Testing with UiPath AutomationAutomation testing is a process of using specialized software to perform repetitive and time-consuming tasks in a faster, more efficient manner.  This process can be applied to a wide range of software development tasks, from functional testing to performance testing and regression testing. With its increasing popularity and numerous benefits, Automation Testing has become an essential tool in modern software development.

UiPath is a leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software company that helps organizations automate repetitive tasks and processes by providing a platform for designing, deploying, and managing software robots. UiPath’s goal is to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve accuracy by automating manual and repetitive tasks. The company was founded in Bucharest, Romania and has its headquarters in New York City.

Salesforce Test Automation using UiPath:

UiPath is a certified ISV partner of Salesforce. UiPath streamlines sales and service processes across Salesforce and other systems to improve time-to-sale and enhance customer satisfaction with seamless, error-free processes.

  • UiPath offers automation services for sales, including streamlining of sales order processing and acceleration of fulfilment and delivery.
  • UiPath provides automation capabilities for customer service, including automation of request processing, achieving first call resolution, and offering a unified view of customer information at the contact centre.
  • UiPath offers automation for marketing processes, including the automation of lead uploads and streamlined campaign management.
  • The solution also enables the consolidation of reporting and ensures data consistency across marketing platforms.
  • It provides automation for Salesforce Administration, including the management of user provisioning and de-provisioning, password resetting, updating of roles and profiles, and ensuring data quality.

How to automate Salesforce using UiPath?

  • The UiPath Salesforce Activities Package facilitates automation from UiPath to Salesforce, allowing to use robots to automate tasks within the Salesforce platform.
  • This outbound automation support offers greater efficiency and control over Salesforce processes.
  • Developed using Salesforce’s Lightning Platform and available on the Salesforce AppExchange, the UiPath Connector for Salesforce (“connector”) enables the inbound automation from Salesforce to UiPath. This inbound automation support gives you the ability to create Orchestrator Jobs and/or add Queue items from Salesforce via Flow Builder or Process Builder
  • The UiPath Connector for Salesforce is a solution built on Salesforce’s Lightning Platform, available on the Salesforce AppExchange.
  • It provides inbound automation from Salesforce to UiPath, allowing you to create Orchestrator Jobs and add Queue items directly from Salesforce using Flow Builder or Process Builder.
  • This inbound automation support streamlines your processes and enhances your overall automation capabilities.
  • The UiPath Connector enables inbound automation from Salesforce to UiPath Orchestrator by establishing a secure connection to one or multiple Orchestrator Tenants
  • To utilize the UiPath Connector, it is necessary to have either a UiPath Orchestrator instance version 18.4 or higher, or to be utilizing the UiPath Automation Cloud

Benefits of Salesforce Automation

  • Streamline Business with UiPath Automation – Unlock 43% more efficiency in Configuration, Pricing, and Quoting (CPQ), 50% in Order Management, and 40% in post-sales activities.
  • The award-winning inbound automation support, selected as a ‘trailblazing app’ by Salesforce AppExchange, empowers to effortlessly automate end-to-end processes through the creation of jobs in Orchestrator.
  • Simplify even complex sales and service processes with automation. UiPath integrates with virtually all major technologies, applications, and software, offering connections through API, UI, and AI
  • With the UiPath Connector for Salesforce, automate your processes based on events and changes in status.
  • UiPath streamlines repetitive tasks across Salesforce and other systems, including lookups, data extraction and entry, form, and report filling, and more, through automation.

How TechForce Services helps in automating Salesforce using UiPath?

  • TechForce Services is a Salesforce partner. We help you achieve optimal test coverage and ensure seamless testing services across both Salesforce Classic and Lightning.
  • Our expertise and commitment to excellence make us the ultimate choice for those seeking to maximize their Salesforce investment
  • With TechForce Services by your side, you’ll experience a new level of automation and efficiency, allowing you to reach new heights in your Salesforce journey.
  • At TechForce Services, we have a team of certified UiPath automation experts ready to help you every step of the way. From installation and configuration, to migration and integration with other tools, our experts are dedicated to maximizing your investment in UiPath.
  • Whether you’re upgrading your current setup or starting from scratch, TechForce Services is here to help you elevate your automation game and achieve new levels of efficiency and success.
  • Join us on the journey to a more streamlined and powerful workflow with UiPath Automation

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