Beyond Speed DevSecOps in Salesforce

Many Salesforce organisations tend to prioritise speed over security when developing. This often means that security gets pushed aside, putting your data integrity at risk. The document suggests a shift to a DevSecOps approach, where security is seamlessly integrated into the application lifecycle management (ALM) process.

There are many key factors for creating a strong DevSecOps strategy, such as considering your organisational culture, meeting regulatory compliance, and ensuring continuous training. By incorporating security best practices into your daily operations, you can strengthen your Salesforce solutions against potential threats.

There is a difference between traditional DevOps and DevSecOps methodologies. DevSecOps takes a proactive stance in addressing security concerns throughout the development pipeline. By adopting DevSecOps principles, you can speed up development cycles while minimising security risks and staying compliant with regulations.


Key points covered in the report:

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