Important Salesforce Events to Attend in 2023

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Being an active participant in the Salesforce ecosystem opens the door to an array of captivating events that are truly extraordinary. If you’re eager to attend the most remarkable Salesforce events in 2023, we’re here to guide you on this exciting journey. We have curated a selection of events that are simply unmissable this year.

Salesforce and the Trailblazer Community organize a diverse range of events worldwide, spanning the calendar year. Whether you find yourself in bustling cities like New York, Paris, Sydney, or Tokyo, there are bound to be Salesforce events taking place near you.

These premier Salesforce events serve as invaluable opportunities to delve into the Salesforce ecosystem, gain insights into its innovative products and features, and forge meaningful connections with fellow Salesforce trailblazers and industry experts. Prepare to be inspired, educated, and empowered at these exceptional gatherings.

Seeking information on the types and schedules of Salesforce events in 2023? Explore our comprehensive guide, featuring conferences, conventions, and user group meetings within the vibrant Salesforce community.

Types of Salesforce Events

The Salesforce ecosystem offers different types of events. Let’s explore a selection of them.

Dreamforce: An annual global event uniting the Salesforce community for learning, networking, and philanthropy, showcasing industry innovations and success stories.

TrailblazerDX: The premier learning event for developers, admins, architects, partners, and IT leaders across Salesforce, MuleSoft, Slack, and Tableau.

Salesforce World Tours: Unique experiences taking place worldwide, combining in-person and streaming options on Salesforce, ensuring safe and engaging interactions.

Salesforce Connections: The ultimate marketing and commerce learning event of the year, fostering customer-first innovation and insights.

Education Submit: A gathering of Trailblazers in education, sharing knowledge, innovation, and empowering institutions to drive growth and productivity.

Community Conferences: Salesforce community members organize various engaging events, allowing attendees to network and learn from like-minded individuals.

Salesforce User Group Meetup: Join Trailblazer Community groups to collaborate and thrive in the Salesforce economy, connecting based on location, role, or interests.

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Upcoming Salesforce Events In 2023

July 2023

World Tour Hamburg: July 4, 2023. Explore how AI, data, and CRM can drive customer-centric success in over 50 sessions at Shed 52, Hamburg.

World Tour Hamburg

Forcelandia: July 12-13, 2023. Immerse yourself in the programmatic side of the Salesforce platform at this event in Portland, USA.

Tahoe Dreamin’: July 20-21, 2023. An exciting event in Lake Tahoe, USA. Stay tuned for ticket information.

August 2023

GPT Dreamin’: August 7-11, 2023. Join the virtual event dedicated to generative AI/GPT for Salesforce org management on the official website.

Salesforce World Tour Essentials: August 9-10, 2023. The Salesforce World Tour event in Melbourne on August 10th promises an exciting experience for attendees, featuring insightful keynotes, hands-on workshops, and networking opportunities. Industry professionals can explore the latest innovations and learn how Salesforce solutions can drive growth and success for their organizations.

salesforce world tour essentials

Midwest Dreamin’: August 16-18, 2023. Connect with regional Community Group leaders and enhance your Salesforce knowledge in Minneapolis, USA.

WITness Success: August 18-19, 2023. The definitive event for Salesforce Women in Tech! Join 200+ attendees in Minneapolis, USA, for learning, networking, and growth.

Life Sciences Dreamin’: August 24-25, 2023. Connect and collaborate with industry leaders, including Sales, Marketing, RevOps, and C-Suite professionals from Life Sciences organizations leveraging Salesforce, in the vibrant city of Fort Lauderdale, USA.

Mile High Dreamin’: August 30-31, 2023. Experience the Salesforce community-led event in Denver, Colorado, USA.

September 2023

Dreamforce: September 12-14, 2023. Don’t miss the biggest Salesforce event of the year in San Francisco, USA, or online on Salesforce+. DreamForce 2023 Rambleforce: September 29-October 1, 2023. Immerse yourself in Salesforce learning and nature’s beauty at this event in the Lake District, UK.

October 2023

Northeast Dreamin’: October 5-6, 2023. Join Salesforce users in Manchester, New Hampshire, USA, for best practice sharing, new feature insights, and networking.

North Africa Dreamin’: October 21, 2023. Attend Africa’s #1 Salesforce community conference in Casablanca, Morocco.

Florida Dreamin’: October 22-24, 2023. Connect with the Salesforce community in Central Florida, USA, for relevant content, training, and abundant opportunities on Clearwater Beach.

November 2023

Higher Ed Dreamin’: November 8, 2023. Attend the virtual Salesforce event focused on tech and Higher Education, accessible live on the Higher Ed Dreamin’ site.

World Tour Tokyo: November 28-29, 2023. Tokyo welcomes the Salesforce World Tour, bringing industry insights and innovations to Japan. Stay tuned for further details.

French Touch Dreamin’: November 30, 2023. Paris hosts this community-driven European Salesforce event, organized by passionate community members.

December 2023

World Tour New York: Details to be announced soon. Stay tuned for the World Tour event in New York.

Wrap up

Being an active participant in the Salesforce ecosystem provides numerous opportunities to attend extraordinary events. Whether you’re seeking learning, networking, or innovation, Salesforce events offer invaluable experiences. As Salesforce consulting partners, we curated a comprehensive guide to the most remarkable events in 2023. Don’t miss out on these unmissable gatherings to gain insights, forge connections, and be inspired in the vibrant Salesforce community.

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