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Application testing tools have gone through a great phase of evolution in recent times on account of increasing demand. Software testers are always on the lookout for testing tools that are rich in features, futuristic, and simple to use. One such testing tool that has gained a significant amount of attention in current times is Tricentis Tosca.

What is Tosca? You must have heard this name many times. Tricentis Tosca is a software automation testing tool that is used to automate software applications. It is developed by Tricentis and is an interesting tool to do automation testing.

Tricentis Tosca uses a model-based testing approach and creates a model of the application. Model-based test automation is a codeless methodology that is easy to learn and use.

Benefits of model based test automation:

  • Enables high reusability and scalability of tests across entire digital portfolios
  • Supports around 160+ technologies
  • Has more than 90% automation rates and saves time and effort
  • Scanned modules are business readable and easy to understand
  • Easy to update the existing modules if the application functionality changes
  • Create reusable libraries and test step blocks in Tosca
  • Easy verification and validation process
  • Increase the risk coverage of applications by 90%+

Tricentis Tosca is one of the best suited test automation tools for Salesforce testing. Many customers are using Tosca to automate their Salesforce applications, especially if they need to cover multiple supported technologies. Tricentis Tosca also supports exploratory testing and un-attended execution. Un-attended distributed execution helps mainly in regression testing by saving time and covering all functionalities. One can generate reports after test execution with detailed information of test case pass/fail status. Tricentis provides dedicated support if there are any issues.

How to automate Salesforce using Tosca:

  • There is no need to install a separate plugin for Salesforce automation.
  • Salesforce Engine 3.0 provides a stable and consistent testing platform for testing various Salesforce apps and controls.
  • It includes the Salesforce Scanner, which allows a one-click scan of the complete Salesforce instance.
  • The Salesforce Scanner also creates the module structure automatically to start creating Test Cases without having to scan every Salesforce app and screen individually.
  • Tricentis Tosca uses the ‘OptimizeForSalesforce’ test configuration parameter. It decreases execution time by about 40% on average.
  • The Salesforce Engine 3.0 identifies the Salesforce interfaces (Classic or Lightning Experience) based on the URL of the Salesforce applications being scanned.
  • Salesforce Scan connects to Salesforce instance and automatically creates Modules from all controls that can be accessed.
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Advantages of Salesforce test automation with Tricentis Tosca:

  • The major challenge with Salesforce automation is dynamic IDs, however, Tricentis Tosca’s object recognition eliminates the pain of Salesforce dynamic IDs.
  • Scan console applications like Service Cloud to capture and automate all controls, including frame and tab switching, quick actions, and side panels.
  • Reduce test bloat while increasing risk coverage by 50%.
  • 10X faster testing with an AI-driven test automation platform that works at Agile/DevOps speed.
  • Replace costly, error-prone manual testing with codeless Salesforce automation that scales rapidly and is easy to reuse across Salesforce updates.
  • Tricentis Tosca protects business processes with risk-based test automation that focuses on end-to-end workflows within and beyond the Salesforce ecosystem.
  • The interesting thing about Tricentis Tosca is, once the models are built, the same tests can be run across both Classic and Lightning, on any browser.
  • Tricentis can also assist with migrations from third party CRMs to Salesforce.
  • Reconciliation, integrity, and data quality checks are automated and provided in business readable outputs to accelerate migration.
  • Tricentis Accelerator Packs help to accelerate test automation for packaged applications through prebuilt, reusable automation templates. With little to no customization effort, users can add their own business data and adjust individually automated test sequences for Salesforce testing.

How TechForce Services helps in automating Salesforce using Tricentis Tosca:

  • TechForce Services is a Tricentis partner that offers Salesforce capabilities and services coupled with Salesforce test automation with Tosca which helps to achieve more test coverage and running tests seamlessly across both Salesforce Classic and Lightning.
  • TechForce Services has certified Tosca automation experts who can help with installation, configuration, migration, integration with other tools, and upgrading Tosca.
  • We help to automate 150+ technologies with advanced Tosca model-based automation capabilities which supports Salesforce, SAP, desktop applications, mobile, Database, mainframe, APIs, and many other technologies. We also support DevOps, CI/CD integrations, DEX, ServiceNow, performance testing, and Test Data Management.
  • TechForce Services provides testing practice and COE support which includes implementing Tosca automation best practices, upskilling and cross skilling manual functional testers to Tosca automation testing, and introducing testing best practices across different teams in multi-vendor environments.

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